The Easiest Way Of Combating Hair Loss

easy ways to combat hair loss treat balding

Hair loss is mostly associated with men. However, beyond the age of fifty, adults experience either male-pattern or female-pattern hair loss. Liondale Medical works at combating the problem of New York hair loss to ensure that your self-esteem and youthful look are quite long. Patients are accorded quality services under the guidance and supervision of Lionel Bissoon, DO. As you combat hair loss, you may need to understand the information highlighted below. 

Causes Of Hair Loss 

· Illness 
· Stress 
· High Fever 
· Trauma 
· Sudden weight loss 
· Inflammation 
· Fungal Infections 
· Systemic Disease 
· Hormonal Changes 
· Nutrient Deficiencies 
· Androgenetic alopecia 

Causes Of Hair Loss In The Eyebrows, Beard, And Mustache 

Eyebrows might seem negligible but are very important in accentuating beauty to your facial features. At menopause, women are most likely to lose eyebrow hair caused by the decline in thyroid hormones as a result of menopause. 

Alopecia areata also contributes to the loss of eyebrows, eyelashes, mustache, and beard hair due to the decline is the strength of immunity. The condition affects both men and women by causing inflammation caused by its attack on the hair follicles leading to the loss of hair. 

Treatment For Hair Loss 

Dr. Bissoon conducts conclusive medical tests to determine the cause of hair loss for each individual. The doctor formulates a personalized treatment plan suitable for your condition. The doctor recommends a treatment plan that involves medical and lifestyle changes. Patients receive the treatment plans highlighted below to combat male and female hair loss. 

· Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) 

PRP includes plasma containing between three and five more platelets than the amount available in the blood. The platelets promote hair growth by stimulating new hair growth, increases hair loss, and slows down hair loss. The method is used independently or as a supplement of other regenerative treatment options. 

· Bioidentical Hormone 

Hormonal changes caused by menopause contribute to the loss of hair among women. Bioidentical hormone therapy plays an essential role in helping the elderly male and female patients that are battling rapid hair loss. 

· Stem Cells And Exosomes

Stem cells help the body in the self-replication and regeneration of new cells making the healing and replacement of worn tissues faster. The stem cells secrete exosomes that are rich in proteins, and RNA hastening the healing process. 

· Nutrition Therapy

Nutritious deficiency contributes to hair loss. You might be subjected to a balanced meal plan, supplements, and IV therapy to maintain healthy nutrient levels. Nutrition therapy is used independently or supplemented by other remedies highlighted above. 

Other Services Offered At Liondale Medical 

· Menopause Care is available for patients battling the uncomfortable symptoms of menopause. 

· Medical Ozone Therapy is available for patients having fibromyalgia and Lyme disease. 

· Regenerative Medicine harnesses the natural ability of your body to repair damaged tissues. 

· Men’s Health. The doctor provides care for the loss of muscle mass, low sex drive, low levels of testosterone, and other health challenges. 

· Mesotherapy and Cosmetics care are also available for patients looking to get rid of wrinkles and loose skin. 

· IV Therapy / NAD The Fountain of Youth is used to help patients in the maintenance of therapeutic doses of minerals and vitamins. 

Whenever you experience receding hairline or excessive thinning, you should schedule an appointment online or call Liondale Medical to receive immediate guidance and assistance.

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