Why Do People Delay To Seek Treatment For Hair Loss?

why people seek treatment for hair loss


Hair loss is not contagious. Hair loss does not affect your general health but having health issues like Diabetes can predispose you to hair loss. Hair loss cannot kill you but we must all agree that appearance and image are important for your self-esteem and career prospects. 

There is a wide variety of treatments for hair loss like hair transplants, medications, and using regenerative medicine. You do not have to go bald while Martin Maag M.D. can help to restore your hair giving you the best outcome. 

Are There Different Types of Alopecia? 

Yes. There are many forms of Alopecia. They include; Alopecia Areata which is a type in which hair loss occurs in patches. A person of any age can get this type of Alopecia but it mostly begins in childhood. It is seen in both men and women and can be hereditary. High-stress levels can cause this type of Alopecia. 

Alopecia universalis involves hair loss in all hair-bearing body parts while Alopecia totalis refers to total hair loss on the entire scalp. Alopecia diffusa involves thinning of hair due to interference of the anagen phase of hair growth. It only occurs on the scalp of both men and women. 

Traumatic Alopecia is caused by physical trauma like cuts or burns. It can also be caused by the excessive pull of the hair by braids. There are some people who suffer from a condition called Trichotillomania where they have a compulsion to pull out their hair that may be due to anxiety. 

Alopecia effluvium is seen 2-3 months after childbirth, after abortion or surgery. Fever and stress are also thought to cause this type of Alopecia. It presents with hair loss over large areas and has an insidious onset. 

Scarring Alopecia is seen after infections like bacterial, fungal or viral infections like Syphilis, Candidiasis and Herpes. It is also caused by chronic inflammatory conditions like Lichen Planus. 

What Are The Reasons Why People Delay To Seek Treatment For Hair Loss? 

● Many people come up with excuses for not seeking help from a doctor when they start experiencing hair loss. Some of the common excuses include: 

● Some people think that the loss of a few hundred hairs per day is normal. This should raise the alarm of Alopecia especially when the hair does not grow back resulting in scanty hair. 

● Some think that they are too young to go bald. Significant hair loss should prompt you to see a doctor. 

● Some people believe that they cannot be at risk of Alopecia because none of their relatives have gone bald. Those relatives can be carriers of the gene that causes Alopecia. 

● Some say that there is no point in seeking treatment for hair loss because they will eventually lose it again. A hair transplant can provide a long-lasting solution. 

● Some people are scared of the side effects of treatments for hair loss. There are currently safe treatment options with few adverse effects. 


You should present yourself to the doctor as soon as you start noticing signs of Alopecia so as to get treatment early enough.

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