How CDB Helps To Calm Dogs Experiencing Anxiety

how cbd oil helps calm dogs anxiety cannabidiol canine stress relief

Cannabidiol commonly referred to as CBD is a naturally occurring compound in cannabis plants such as hemp. It is a substance that is still being researched extensively and has increased in popularity in recent years due to its recent legal status in the United States and its many health benefits for both humans and animals. 

CBD is extracted from the leaves, flowers, seeds, stalk, and stems of the hemp plant. It is one of the many compounds aside from terpenes, flavonoids, and omega-fatty acids found in the plant. Of all these, cannabidiol is the most popular, the most used and the most researched. You can read more about it here

The beautiful thing about CBD and its other derivatives is that they contain little to no delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). This substance is mostly found in marijuana and it is what is responsible for the psychoactive effect that makes a person high. The hemp plant has little of this substance and in any case, the allowable legal limit is 0.3%. 

Cannabidiol is made into different products such as oil, cigarettes, and capsules. For animals, it can be made into treats, biscuits, and soft chews. These products can either be eaten, smoked, ingested using tinctures, inhaled, as a spray, or applied to the skin topically. Of all these products, CBD oil is the most popularly used. 

For pet owners, CBD can be used for treating many different medical ailments. A few examples include anxiety, arthritis, inflammation, etc. It can also be used daily for maintaining their well-being even if they are without any ailment. 

For dogs experiencing any form of anxiety due to stress, separation, noise, or changes in the environment, administering cannabidiol to pets can help calm their nerves, making them feel better. 

What Are The Signs Of Anxiety In Dogs? 

Knowing and recognizing if your pet is experiencing anxiety is important as it will enable you deal with it easily. There are several signs that cab indications of this state of being. Depending on the type of anxiety it might be experiencing, some of the symptoms or signs can include: 

• Repetitive behavior and constantly panting. 
• Avoiding people and uncomfortable situations, withdrawal, and hiding. 
• Trembling, tucking its tail between its legs. 
• Reduced activity. 
• Hyperactivity. 
• Panicking. 
• Diarrhea. 

You can see other signs of canine anxiety in this article

Dealing With Anxiety In Your Dog 

Anxiety is a fairly common occurrence in dogs especially separation anxiety. While taking them to the vet so they can be examined medically is recommended, there are also things you can do to help them with or without medical intervention. Every dog is different but some of the ways to deal with it include: 

 Leaving the house as quietly as possible so as not to alert it to your departure. 
 Not saying goodbye, hugging, or kissing on your way out. 
 Feeding it before leaving. 
 Avoid leaving it in or staying in dark rooms. 
 Setting up a safe and comfortable place such as a bed, warm blanket, etc. for your dog to go when it feels anxious. 

Other Solutions Include 

 Getting your dog to go for a walk and exercise. 
 For those experiencing anxiety due to noise such as crowds, fireworks, or thunder, you can find a way to keep them distracted. 
 Taking your pet for a massage occasionally. 
 Play calming tunes and music. 
 Administering CBD. 

How CBD Calms Your Dog 

Most animals especially mammals have an endocannabinoid system. It can also be referred to as ECS for short. This is a system that helps to regulate bodily functions in a variety of ways. These functions include things like eating, sleeping, mood, etc. 

The ECS contains receptors and these receptors which are located on the surface of cells can transmit whatever they detect outside the cell into it. This then results in the right cellular responses. There are several cannabinoid receptors but CB1 and CB2 are the two major ones. 

When CBD is administered to your dog, it binds to these receptors in the ECS. The receptors then transmit this into the cells and this in turn causes the production of substances like serotonin which is a substance that helps to calm the nerves, resulting in the reduction of anxiety in your dog. 

Buying CBD 

To administer CBD to your dog in any form, be sure to buy quality products from reputable CBD company for pets. This is essential because the CBD market is a very open one and there are several retailers of poor quality products, products that may do more harm to your pet than good. You do not want to put your dog in a worse position than it is. 

You can only enjoy the full benefits of this product if you purchase genuine, high quality ones. Ensure this, and you will see the difference in your dog with CBD.

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