7 Modern Conference Room Design Elements

modern conference room design

Any office designer worth their salt knows the importance of designing a modern conference room. These locations will be among the most heavily used in the entire office space. What's more, many companies will entertain customer prospects in these conference rooms. 

If the room doesn't succeed in giving the customer a good impression of the company's professionalism, then chances are that it could cost them a significant deal.

In this article, we'll introduce seven basic principles that govern modern conference room design.

1. Plentiful Screens

In an era where much of business communication happens over video conferencing, plentiful screens around the room are a must to ensure that the company is able to let any invitee dial into their meetings. 

No seated member should have to crane their neck looking for a screen, either. Have enough screens around the cover all essential directions.

2. Clear Speaker Systems

What's the point of being able to see your video conference attendees clearly on big screens if you can't make out what they're saying? The plentiful screens that we mentioned above need to be paired with good speaker systems that have excellent clarity.

3. A Boardroom-Style Table

Nothing adds weight to a conference room quite look a boardroom-style table. If you can afford it, natural wood with a mahogany finish is an unassailably classic look.

4. Adjustable Chairs

Few things can distract you from a meeting than having to stay seated in an uncomfortable position. For your conference rooms, be sure to get great office chairs that are adjustable. There's no one-size-fits-all when it comes to furniture, so adjustability is the way to go if you want to ensure that all parties remain comfortable.

5. Clear Walls

In a conference room, you don't want anything on the walls distracting meeting attendees away from the focus of the meeting. The best way to ensure that is by having clean walls with neutral, monochromatic color schemes. 

6. A Whiteboard

There's just something about writing ideas and plans down that makes them seem so much more tangible and achievable. Let the ideas flow in your meeting room by installing a whiteboard on one of the walls so that your meeting attendees can quickly jot down ideas and concepts as they are brought up.

7. An Air Purifier

Last but not least, remember that air quality is always an important concern. If you want to keep your conference room smelling clean and fresh, you need to use an air purifier. Much of the business world enjoys smoking cigars, so choosing the best air purifier for cigar smoke would be a wise choice in your modern conference room.

Modern Conference Room Design, Made Simple

There you have it — with these simple tips for modern conference room design, you should be far better equipped to build a meeting room that will satisfy all your meeting attendees while allowing them to be extremely productive.

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