Benefits Of Integrative Medicine

benefits integrative medicine

Jake Schmutz, NMD runs one of the best integrative medicine centers in Salt Lake City. The center uses a combination of conventional and alternative medicinal practices to deliver holistic healing. 

Integrative medicine is not new but it has long been ignored for conventional medicine. However, after reading the benefits of integrative medicine, you might just change your mind. 

The following are the benefits of integrative medicine: 

A Holistic Attitude 

Conventional medicine works by separating the body into different parts. However, science is increasingly proving that the body is an interconnected system not a combination of parts. 

Therefore, by treating only one part, you may leave a part untreated that is connected to the disease. Contrarily, by treating the whole body you will assuredly benefit its constituent parts. 

Integrative medicine will address all the issues associated with your health. That attitude is great because it means you get comprehensive help treating the disease with less chance of it returning. 

Focus On Prevention 

The age-old adage, prevention is better than cure. However, modern medicine seems to have forgotten that. 

Integrative medicine can also be referred to as preventive medicine because it focuses on prevention. It will help you gain a better understanding of your current health status so as to prevent health issues in the future. 

Integrative medicine will proactively look for ways to prevent a disease before it affects you. It seeks to use the body’s natural healing capacity rather than interventionist methods. 

Customized Care

If you walk into a typical modern hospital with a disease, you will most likely receive the treatment everyone else with the same disease has received. That is not the case with integrative medicine. 

With integrative medicine, all the specific factors that have led to the disease are taken into account. There is no one size fits all approach. 

The method of treatment for the disease will also be different. It will be customized according to your individual case which increases its effectiveness. 

Better Overall Health 

You are more likely to have better overall health with integrative medicine than other forms of medicine. The integrative medicine approach involves addressing all the elements that contribute to your health. 

There are numerous connected processes that lead to good health. That includes diet, activity, immunity, and hormonal balances among others. 

Integrative medicine will even take your environment into account. Therefore, if you want to have better overall health, integrative medicine is the way to go. 

Treats The Root Cause Of Disease 

Modern medicine addresses the symptoms of the disease while integrative medicine addresses its root cause. That is an entirely different approach to curing disease and one that is more effective. 

Each and every disease has a root cause. Without treating the underlying cause of a disease, you can treat it and it will return time and time again. 

The most effective way to remedy a malaise is to treat its root cause. By doing so, the symptoms of the disease will automatically disappear. It also makes it a lot more difficult for the disease to return.

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