Does Rapid Opioid Detox Work?

does rapid opioid detox work fast drug detoxification

Addictions will always cost us, both financially and in terms of health. Nothing can come in handier during such instances than detoxification. Now, let's talk about your opioid addiction and the relevant solution. 

Are you looking forward to rapid opioid detox? Perhaps, this would be the right time for you to visit experts in rapid detox in Newport Beach. But maybe I am going way too fast. How about we start by understanding what rapid detox is, and whether it works? 

What Is Rapid Opioid Detox? 

Rapid opioid detox is the elimination of opioid chemicals in your body within a relatively short time. Remember, traditional approaches will always take approximately two weeks, or even more, for the chemicals to be flushed out of your system. 

Rapid detoxification always happens within clinical settings, meaning you will be under the supervision of a certified therapist. It usually involves putting the patient under anesthesia before undergoing a six-hour procedure. Even after flushing out this opioid, the patient will remain under the care of medical experts for between 24 and 48 hours. 

Did you know that this procedure highlights the need for medications being given intravenously? That is because this move helps in speeding up the withdrawal process. Some of the adverse withdrawal symptoms you will avoid once you undergo this procedure include sweating, craving, cramping, and nausea. It will also prevent insomnia and emotional turmoil. 

Once the patient wakes up, they are put under other additional medical care. Medications such as Naltrexone will suffice. You will take this medication for a few months, as it helps in cushioning you against other withdrawal issues in the long run. 

Types Of Rapid Detox 

Most often, you will undergo one of two procedures—rapid detox or ultra-rapid detox. The former involves giving you medication to speed up the onset and the process of detoxification. Upon initiation, you receive various medications too. 

The latter entails sedation, mostly through general anesthesia. Once the sedation takes place, the doctors administer what we call an opioid blocker. 

Benefits of rapid opioid detox Various merits come with opting for rapid opioid detoxification. Some of the top advantages you will enjoy will often entail the following. 

· This procedure cushions you against various withdrawal symptoms that could be adverse on your health 

· Your treatment will always remain confidential, as it is similar to any medical procedure 

· You will be sure of results much sooner than you ever thought · The process is not only fast but also assures you of some of the most comprehensive results 

· Only certified therapists carry out this procedure 

Are There Risks? 

Rapid opioid detox will always assure you of the best results at all times. That does not mean that you will not be vulnerable to risks. The good news is that the risks are minimal and less adverse too. They will often include the following. 

· Respiratory issues 
· Renal problems; higher levels of cortisol as well as corticotropin 
· Psychosis 

As you look forward to starting your recovery journey, a visit to a Rapid Opioid Detox expert will be handy.

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