Why Do People Move? 7 Reasons For Selling Your Home

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40 million Americans move every year. In many cases, this means selling their homes before heading off for (hopefully) greener pastures. 

It probably comes as no surprise to you that Americans move. What may be more interesting is the question of "Why do people move?" 

After pouring over data on the subject, our team has narrowed down people's many reasons for moving to seven popular motivators. Here's what we discovered drives movers. 

1. The Area Changes 

Neighborhoods evolve on an annual basis. Sometimes for the better and other times for the worse. As it turns out, this is one of the biggest "why do people move" motivators across the country. 

The moment that people start to feel unsafe in their community, they tend to look into other housing options in more luxury areas.

2. Work 

If you can't pay for your home, you can't live in it. Seems pretty straightforward, right? That's why, if a job moves to another area, most workers will move alongside it. 

Due to how competitive states have become when offering tax breaks to certain industries, work relocations have become increasingly popular as employers look to save as much money as possible. 

3. A Home Gets Outgrown 

When young couples buy their first house it's often referred to as a "Starter Home". A few years down the road (and a few kids later) what was once a comfortably sized place to live quickly becomes cramped which prompts reallocation. 

4. An Opportunistic Market 

Cash can be a powerful motivator when it comes to moving. This is especially true if homeowners don't see themselves in their house forever. When a market suddenly becomes "pro-seller" and housing prices are through the roof, it sometimes makes sense to sell sooner than you would have anticipated to cash in on high demand. 

5. A More Expensive Residence Is Desired 

While the economy has recently taken a turn, over the last decade, year over year growth for most people's economic prosperity was a given. This drove many to trade up their houses so they could enjoy more recreational space, guest rooms, larger kitchens, and other luxury perks. 

6 Maintenance Becomes A Hassle 

Keeping up with home maintenance should be on every owner's to-do list. If you forgo those responsibilities for too long, you may end up with a ton of fixes that need to be made that are more trouble than they're worth. 

In these cases, homeowners might decide to quickly part with their houses via a "sell my house fast" buyer that specializes in purchasing homes in any condition. 

7. Changes In Relationships 

Nothing gets people out of a house quite like a messy break-up or divorce. Since divorce rates are sitting at around 50% these days, love has become a powerful moving motivator. 

Why Do People Move Answered 

The "Why do people move?" question is a big one as motivators for relocating are virtually endless. Still, there is a core set of drivers for most people moving out

Do any of the reasons why people relocate speak to where you're at in life? If so, relocating may be a good option. 

Whether you choose to stay put or turn the page of your housing story by moving homes, we welcome you to browse more of our site.

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