7 Best Marijuana Strains for Energy

best marijuana strains for energy boost

As of last year, there were over 1,500 licenses issued to cannabis dispensaries across the country. The majority of their customers are searching for cannabis and CBD products to offer medical benefits. That is not all, though cannabis consumers.

Seasoned cannabis users know that pain relief and anti-nausea effects aren't the only thing the different strains are good for. There are also marijuana strains for energy. That's right: these strains will keep you alert and focused throughout an entire day of work or play.

Sound too good to be true? Then maybe it is about time you tried out a few Sativa strains. That way, you can see for yourself how uplifting and energizing marijuana can really be. 

Are you ready to discover the best cannabis strains you need for the perfect daytime high? We have compiled our top seven favorites here, so you better keep reading for the best marijuana strains for energy. 

7 Sativa Marijuana Strains for Energy

Sativas are certain strains of cannabis known to offer a "head high". This is in comparison to the body high you feel with an Indica strain, which may be too relaxing for a day of work. People who use Sativa strains regularly report the following benefits:

  • Alertness
  • Euphoria
  • Energy
  • Creativity

Sativas won't make you sleepy and they also won't cause the munchies. They also offer a whole host of medical benefits that are under research right now. If you want to study the benefits of Sativa strains like the seven we're about to talk about next, a cannabis recruiting company can help. 

Without further ado, here are the seven top marijuana strains perfect for daytime use and energy.  

1. Harlequin

Harlequin is actually a CBD-dominant strain known for its uplifting effects. Yes, you heard us right. Even though CBD typically calms users down, this one will have you feeling way up. 

Plus, since Harlequin is a high-CBD strain, you won't have to worry about smoking too much. Even the biggest mid-afternoon bowl will keep you energized and buzz-free for a day of productivity. 

2. Chiesel

Chiesel is named for its relation to sour diesel as well as its cheesy smell and flavor. This strain is unique because you really can't smoke too much of it. Chiesel will keep you feeling uplifted and productive, even throughout a whole day of work.

Think there isn't a strain out there that won't affect your concentration? Chiesel will prove you wrong. This strain provides a long-lasting high that encourages focus on par with a cup of coffee.

3. Ecto-Cooler

Ecto-Cooler is one of those rare strains that gives the best of both worlds. That's because it's a hybrid strain that energized the body and relaxes the mind. These qualities make this strain ideal for a pick me up without any unwanted side effects like anxiety.

While Ecto-Cooler is ideal for daytime recreational use, using it in moderation won't impact your more serious tasks. Just make sure to smoke less than you would to relax and see how this strain can power you through even the most menial tasks. 

4. Durban Poison

Durban Poison is the ultimate Sativa strain. Named after the South African city from which it's sourced, this strain is perfect for an all-day smoke session. Users report that this strain's predominant features are its energizing and uplifting effects.

Users appreciate Durban Poison's creative and euphoric benefits. Plus, the good news is that this strain doesn't lead to distracting munchies. It's also unique for the fact that it doesn't cause any paranoia, which is why many people call it the espresso of cannabis. 

5. Mango Kush

Mango Kush is a classic strain known for its blissful and euphoric effects. Users report being unable to stay still after smoking even a few hits of this potent strain. This strain will never have you feeling couch-locked; you'll feel energized to work until you drop.

One thing to consider is that Mango Kush does have a pretty significant comedown. If you want to avoid any negative symptoms, keep your consumption of this strain below your normal limit.

6. Green Crack

Like Mango Kush, Green Crack has a flavor reminiscent of tropical fruits. This is almost as full of a Sativa as is Durban Poison. The difference between the two is that this strain is known more for its mood-boosting effects than for offering creative energy.

Can't find Green Crack at your local or online dispensary? Some people prefer to call this strain by a less negatively connotated name. Look for Cush or Green Cush if you can't find Green Crack because they're three different names for the exact same strain.

7. WiFi OG

WiFi OG AKA White Fire OG's high THC content might fool you into thinking that this strain is straight Indica. It's named for its parent strains: Fire OG and The White. That's why WiFi OG offers users uplifting effects without any of the drowsiness that comes with a chronic strain.

If you want a strain that will pair well with your morning coffee, this is your guy. It's relaxing enough to tone down a caffeine buzz but appetite-inducing enough to have you hungry for lunch. Even WiFi OG's buzz is 100% manageable, with many users reporting its benefits for a functional, all-day high.

Marijuana to Lift You Up

With these top marijuana strains for energy, you can see why the age-old myth about lazy potheads just isn't true. These seven Sativas will have you feeling productive all day long without the aggravating side effects of other uppers like caffeine.

Did you learn a lot from this article on the top marijuana strains for energy? If so, you're probably looking for more energizing cannabis articles like it. We have all the education and advise you need about cannabis, CBD, and herbal supplements... so keep smoking and scrolling!

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