Proven Ways To Overcome Drug Addiction And Abuse

proven ways to overcome drug addiction recovery abusing drugs

Drug addiction is not or a sign of weakness, but it would take more than mere willpower to overcome it. According to Court Nichols the program director for detox and addiction rehab treatment facilities, drug abuse can cause a person to have powerful and uncontrollable cravings in using illegal drugs. And when they do, it would become impossible for them to get sobriety and could affect their mental, physical, and even emotional health in the long run. image_source 

While it's true that overcoming drug addiction is quite difficult, it is never out of reach. No matter how hopeless it may seem, and no matter how many times you fail, drug addiction can still be treated if done the right way. 

Sometimes, the toughest step on the road to recovery is the very first one. People who struggle with addiction need to first recognize that they have a problem and need to decide that it's time for them to quit addiction and embrace change. Below are some ways on how to overcome drug addiction and abuse. 

Think About Change And Recovery

To start your road to recovery, you need to start thinking of the things that you need to change in your life that doesn't include the need to use the substance. If the number one cause of drug addiction is stress, then you need to consider changing the way you deal with it instead of relying on drugs. You should also be ready to change the people that influence you and choose only those that would encourage you to change and have a better life. 

Furthermore, to motivate you to overcome your addiction, you need to list down the pros and cons of quitting and see for yourself the costs and benefits. Also, if you have a lifetime partner, have kids, and even pets, use them to motivate and encourage yourself to change. And more importantly, ask yourself about what could be the primary reason that prevents you from changing and how to find a solution. 

Learn About Different Treatment Options For Drug Addiction 

Now that you have found good reasons to make the change, it is also essential to learn about addiction treatment options such as below. 

1. Detoxification 

Usually, this process helps your body to get rid of drugs naturally while at the same time helps you to manage the withdrawal symptoms. Look for a local drug detox clinic that offers assistance to detoxify your body against drugs and alcohol without using any chemicals. Moreover, DIY detox won't usually work and can be dangerous since, without help from professionals, withdrawal from the substance alone would be impossible. 

2. Behavioral Counseling 

One of the primary reasons for substance abuse is due to anxiety and depression. To fight depression, one needs to undergo behavioral counseling or psychotherapy. It will help to identify the root causes and find solutions to repair the problems or relationships as well as learning new coping skills. 

3. Medication 

In a worst-case scenario, one might have to take some medications to manage their withdrawal symptoms. Some medicines are even needed to treat any co-occurring mental health problems, such as anxiety and depression. 

4. Long-Term Follow-Up 

To help you prevent relapse and keep your sobriety at all times, a professional representative from a drug detox clinic may follow-up with you from time to time to keep your recovery on track. 

5. Residential Treatment 

Residential treatment usually includes living at a rehab facility. This helps you to temporarily get away from your work or school, from families and friends while undergoing intensive treatment. This can also help you avoid addiction triggers too. The treatment process can last from a few weeks to several months. 

6. Partial Hospitalization / Day Treatment 

One can also choose partial hospitalization if you wish to still live in the comfort of your home while having ongoing medical monitoring. The treatment usually requires you to be at a treatment center during the whole day, then allowed to go home at night. 

7. Outpatient Treatment 

This process is similar to partial hospitalization. However, the primary goal here is to avoid relapse. 

8. Sober Living Communities 

Similar to residential treatment, you are allowed to live in a house or a community as long as it encourages a sober living. The place should be safe from any possible triggers, have a support group, and, more importantly, it should be a drug-free environment. There are lots of sober living facilities that can accommodate you, especially if you have nowhere to go, and you want your treatment to be highly confidential. 


The road to recovery is not a comfortable journey. You need to have lots of support from your loved one and friends or find other motivations that would help you fight substance abuse. Consider these ways we have mentioned above to overcome addiction.

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