5 Ways To Stay Healthy And Active As You Age

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The number of Americans above the age of 65 is expected to double from 52 million in 2018 to 95 million in 2060. As we get older, it's essential we keep our bodies fit and strong. Otherwise, time can lead to dementia, heart disease, or early death. 

Eager to stay healthy and active in your old age? Keep reading to learn how to stay fit and healthy! With these tips, you can reduce the signs of aging and keep feeling fit! 

Live your best life with these five ways to stay fit! 

1. Maintain Strong Bones 

Osteoporosis, a disease that reduces the density and quality of your bones, causes almost 9 million fractures every year. 

As you get older, your risk of fractures increases as your bone strength decreases. Unfortunately, there's no cure for osteoporosis yet. As you get older, it's important to learn how to stay fit and healthy to minimize your risk of certain conditions. 

You can start strengthening your bones now with an exercise regimen that includes: 

• Climbing stairs 
• Brisk walks 
• Resistance weightlifting 
• Using cross-training machines 
• Heavy gardening 
• Exercising with resistance bands 

Reducing how quickly you lose bone strength now can prevent fractures in the future. 

2. Keep Your Heart Healthy 

About 28.2 million American adults were diagnosed with heart disease in a single year. In 2015, it was even the leading cause of death. Meanwhile, coronary heart disease accounts for one in seven deaths in America. 

That's 366,800 people every year. 

As you get older, learning how to stay fit and healthy to reduce your risk of heart disease is essential. First, reduce your risk by: 

• Cutting back on drinking 
• Exercising 
• Improving your diet 
• Cutting back on smoking 
• Limiting stress 

Exercising by walking each day can keep your heart pumping and strong. These CDC exercise guidelines for older adults can help. 

3. Enjoy Life 

Stress can also cause health problems, especially as you get older. Take the time to have a little fun. 

The next time you're feeling stressed, laugh it off! Laughter can increase your blood flow and reduce cortisol (the stress hormone). It can even stimulate infection-fighting antibodies to keep your immune system strong. 

Find ways to enjoy your life by exercising and hanging out with friends. You can even join a dance class to increase endorphins and extend your life expectancy! 

4. Cut Back 

Bad habits can cause liver conditions while harming your brain and heart. If you want to learn how to stay fit and healthy, you need to end habits like drinking and smoking. 

Try to reduce how often you drink to keep your brain sharp. Meanwhile, stop smoking altogether to improve your lung function. 

5. Eat Right 

Improving your diet is one of the easiest ways to stay healthy in your old age. Try eating olive oil, fish, fruits, and vegetables. Foods that are high in omega-3 fatty acids can give you energy and protect your brain, too. 

Aging Beautifully: 5 Tips For Staying Healthy And Active As You Get Older 

Eager to stay healthy and active in your golden years? Start using these tips. With these five ways to stay fit, you can extend your lifespan with ease!

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