This Is How To Clean Leather Shoes The Right Way

how to clean leather shoes right way cleaning shoe correctly

Ready to take out your fancy leather shoes and wear them to work or an important meeting? 

Leather shoes have been a staple in the fashion industry for a long time. People perceived it as the peak of class and sophistication. But of course, beautiful things don’t happen overnight. You will need to take the effort and time to maintain it well. 

Do you want to learn how to clean leather shoes? 

Leather shoes have their own respective cleaning techniques. They often come in with different materials like patent, suede, and calfskin, to name a few. You’ll ruin them if you use the same cleaning techniques with every leather shoe. 

We’ve got you; this article will teach you how to do it the right way. 

Here's everything you need to know about cleaning leather shoes correctly: 


The first thing you need to do is identify what kind of leather shoes you have. It’s important so you can avoid using cleaning agents that aren’t suitable for that type of leather. 

One of the most important tips to clean your leather shoes is to remove the laces. You can clean them on the washer or buy new replacements. Leaving them on makes it more difficult to clean the spots between the holes. 

1. White And Dark Leather Shoes 

White and dark leather shoes are some of the most common. Learning how to clean leather shoes like these guarantees you’ll have a basic idea of what to do for every type of show. You can start with some everyday cleaning agents that are available in your home. 

If there’s dirt, use a soft brush. Focus first on gentle brushing to avoid damaging the leather. You should do this as soon as possible to avoid letting the dirt harden. 

To remove grease and stains, you can apply baking soda or cornstarch to get it off. Brush off the residues after then let it sit for a few hours. 

After a thorough cleaning, polish them to make them look good and new. 

2. Suede Leather Shoes 

Did you know that suede leather shoes are one of the most prone to damage? It’s because they utilize the soft, thin part of the hide of the animals. They’re not as durable as the other leathers so maintaining them will be harder than most. 

To handle stains and scuffs, you need to buy a special brush made for suede to not ruin its quality. Remember to brush them after a couple of uses to keep off the stains and scuffs. 

Scatter some cornstarch on grease spots and wait for a few hours. This will absorb the grease, and you can brush the residues after. 

For water stains, add a small amount of water on the brush and wet the entirety of the shoes. Be careful because suede is sensitive to water, it can cause some discoloration. After that, use a dry cloth to sponge the water. 

Invest in some weather-proof spray to prevent stains; you can spray them every time you clean the shoes. 

3. Vegan Leather Shoes 

Vegan leather shoes are often made of polyurethane leather. They are resistant to liquids and require little maintenance. 

For dirt and stains, wet a dry, clean cloth to remove the dirt off the shoes. If the marks won’t come off, you can use soap with the damp cloth and rub the stains. 

When dealing with difficult scuffs, you can use some shoe paint to conceal the ones that won’t rub off. Be sure to find something that matches the color of the leather. 

4. Calfskin Leather Shoes 

Calfskin is one of the most common materials to use to make high-quality products. This is a sturdy and thick leather that doesn’t need much maintenance, but it is still essential to do some polishing to make it look great. 

To keep the shine of the calfskin leather, you need a cream that helps cracks from happening. Apply it in light and even strokes and let it dry for a few minutes. 

Sanding it down can take care of the scratches. Keep in mind to protect the uppers to ensure they won’t get damaged and sanded. Buff the shoes with a cloth after applying dye. 

5. Patent Leather Shoes 

They’re glossy shoes that are more likely to get scuffs and susceptible to scratches. Patent leather shoes are high-maintenance leather because it can get dull and lose its shine over time. They are also water-proof so you don’t have to worry too much when it rains. 

Use a soft brush to remove the debris off the leather and a shoe cleaner or eraser for scuffs. To take off stains, a little water and soap will usually do the trick. If the stains persist, you can use hand sanitizer or rubbing alcohol and rub it with a dry cloth. 

The patent leather needs a leather shoe cleaner that will keep the shine bright and glossy. Try to polish them every few uses to maintain the glossy look. 

Professional Cleaning And Guidance 

Leather shoes are products made out of different materials that require different cleaning techniques. Because of that, it’s easy to make a mistake and ruin the quality of our shoes. 

Of course, you can always rely on professional cleaning if you’re not feeling confident. You can be sure that they will do it right and in a professional way. 

Most brands and companies have guidelines on how to clean their respective leather shoes. When you purchase a pair, they often come with a description that will tell you all about their product. 

Learn How To Clean Leather Shoes The Right Way 

Now you know how to clean leather shoes to keep your pair in good shape! These can help you maintain them for years to come, and it will still look good. 

Of course, there are still a lot more you can learn, and it doesn’t need to stop here! We have tons of DIY and fashion articles you can read, like this so don’t hesitate to jump in and get all the content you need!

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