Vaping VS Smoking: What Could Be Better Option?

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One of the evilest and yet pleasurable things that man has invented for himself is smoking. It has been hundreds of years since hem have been smoking despite knowing the fact that it has adverse effects on the human body and it can cause many lethal illnesses that may result in death. But still, many people prefer to it sue to dependence on the nicotine present in the tobacco. But there are also some other factors that affect the daily lifestyle and hygiene as well. 

As a smoker, one has to deal with a pretty bad feeling these days. After smoking, the unpleasant smell and the danger of smoking a conventional cigarette contribute significantly to this. There is an alternative to conventional smoking that does not serve these negative characteristics. The electric cigarette also called e-cigarette for short or vape devices. It brings with it many benefits over the traditional cigarette. Here, we have mentioned some of the best things about an electronic cigarette that makes it a better option than a traditional tobacco cigarette. 


Every cigarette box and billboard for tobacco products indicates that smoking tobacco cigarettes is injurious to health and it can lead to premature death and various illnesses. And this is true. Anyone who smokes about 20 cigarettes a day “supply” their lungs the equivalent of one cup of tar a year. Here, we are talking about only lungs – one part of the body. The rest stubbornly remain in the lungs and cause unpleasant side effects in other organs as well. 

However, if you use a vape, you no longer have to worry about it. Because this type of smoking works completely without the harmful substance. Breathing problems, the typical smoker's cough or chronic illnesses can be significantly reduced or excluded. 

Secondhand Smoking 

If you as a smoker want to indulge in your vice in the presence of non-smokers, you have to expect not only evil eyes but also toxic comments. The reason for this is passive smoking that everyone else has to endure. 

With an electric cigarette, this is also not necessary. Because unlike a conventional cigarette, no harmful substances are released here, but only water vapor is emitted. This does not smell and is not harmful to everyone involved. On the other hand, it comes with different flavored e- liquids like candy king e-juice that enhance your vaping experience and avoid bad breath as well. 

Road Safety 

If you smoke, you also do this while driving. However, this becomes problematic when ashes detach from the cigarette and fall into the car. As a driver, you are not focused because you are looking for it. An accident happens so quickly. 

It is different from an e-cigarette. This does not need ash and embers, since it does not burn anything, but only evaporates. Should this cigarette slip out of your hand while driving, you do not have to have any concerns that a fire can start? If nothing else, it could be incredibly distracting and dangerous.

The Aesthetic Aspect 

Yellow teeth and yellow fingers are the typical distinguishing feature of a smoker. Not with an e-cigarette. Since there is no combustion here, the teeth and fingers do not become discolored. The visual appearance is, therefore, much more pleasant and does not reveal that you are dealing with conventional cigarettes.

Now you know that overall there is an advantage to vaping vs smoking traditional cigarettes and cigars.

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