Best Beginner Vape Mods - How to Start Vaping

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Do you want to take your vape from good to great? Are you tired of the standard features and functionality that your vape came with? 

If so, then you're in the right place for very effective vaping modifications. In this article, you'll learn about some of the best beginner vape mod ideas that you could start working on today! 

Read on to learn about the best beginner vape mod options available to start vaping right. 

Temperature Control 

The first vape mod that you could do is institute some kind of temperature control on your vape. When you inhale through a vape pen, the coil will typically steadily get hotter and hotter. 

What does that do to the vape juice? 

The answer to that is simple: because the coil is hotter, the juice can get burnt instead of turning into the vapor that you want to inhale and exhale. Consequently the vape is not an enjoyable experience because instead of breathing vapor that is pure, you're breathing vapor with an unhealthy dose of burnt ash. 

The temperature control modification does away with this part of vaping. With the right temperature-controlled coil, you can ensure that throughout your entire hit, the temperature of the coil stays the exact same. What this then does is allow for a smooth, controlled hit. 

You're able to inhale a significant volume of vapor without any of it becoming exceedingly dry or burnt. 

Box Mods 

Another very popular way to change a vape pen is to change the box that your vape came with. There are lots of different box mods that you could attempt out there. 

The most popular ones all follow a similar strategy in a few ways. 

Firstly, they're more ergonomic. You want the vape to be comfortable to hold so that your fingers wrap around it easily. 

Secondly, they're also typically much lighter than your standard vape. This makes it a lot easier to carry around in your pocket. If the box mod has a sleeker profile, then that's even better. 

Lastly, some box mods even come with voice activation. That allows you to change the settings of the vape simply by talking to it. This has become an extremely popular vape modification and is one of the most recommended good beginner vape mods. 

The better boxes will also be faster to regain battery, allowing you to charge a vape pen faster. 

Vape Pen Decals 

Last but not least, you can easily modify your vape with some customized decals. If you want to put something on your vape that means something to you, then your vape will look all the cooler for it with your personalization wrapped around it. 

Try using a custom decal print shop to get the right size for the decal that will wrap around your vape. 

Use These Best Beginner Vape Mod Ideas 

There you have it vapers! Now that you have these best beginner vape mod ideas under your belt, you should be far better equipped to customize your vape and change it into something that's uniquely yours! 

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