Will CBD Oil Show up on a Drug Test?

will cbd oil show up on a drug test positive cannabidiol thc

If you are taking CBD and you foresee a drug test in your future, listen up!

Even though you should be in the clear, you may find yourself testing positive for THC, even if you don't smoke, while taking cannabidiol.

Are you trying to figure out the answer to, "Will CBD oil show up on a drug test?" Read this article to learn more about CBD and drug tests.

Will CBD Oil Show Up on a Drug Test?

The short answer is no. Drug tests don't test for CBD, they test for THC, along with the other types of substances employers might be concerned you're using, like amphetamines, cocaine, and opiates.

So, the question you should be asking yourself is:

"Will THC show up on my drug test, even if I'm only taking CBD and not ingesting or smoking marijuana at all?"

The answer to that question is... maybe.

Unfortunately, CBD can contain trace amounts of THC above and beyond the .3% deemed illegal. 

This trace amount is also what most drug tests use as a threshold that determines whether or not you've failed.

So, in other words, you can have a teeny tiny amount of THC in your system, and you won't fail the drug test. The problem is, there is a slight chance you'll test above the .3%, and there are a few ways this can happen.

Types of CBD

One of the primary reasons your CBD may contain higher amounts of THC is that you've been ingesting marijuana-derived CBD, also known as "full-spectrum." 

Full-spectrum means that the CBD extract contains all of the other marijuana-based chemical compounds, like terpenes, flavonoids, and (you guessed it!) THC.

To be considered legal, CBD extract must not contain more than .3% THC. But, the industry is not regulated by the FDA, and there is no consistent quality control to make sure THC levels stay low.

Translation: your completely legal CBD may contain high enough levels of THC to get you testing positive on a drug test. Bummer, right?

Not all CBD derives from marijuana. Some types of CBD are hemp-derived, and some producers thoroughly process their oil to ensure THC levels are at below trace amounts. 

If you are taking CBD and are concerned about failing a drug test, explore alternatives that can guarantee you won't end up with detectable THC in your body.

Second-Hand Smoke 

If you're around others who smoke marijuana, the second-hand smoke you inhale may show up in your body. A study from the Journal of Analytical Toxicology found that THC can exist in the saliva of those who are around marijuana smokers. 

While the study showed only short term exposure, multiply second-hand smoke by daily doses (i.e., you live with a pothead), and there may be a chance you'll have high enough levels in your body to test positive.

Don't Risk It

So, does CBD oil have THC? The answer is yes if it's full spectrum cannabidiol.

Will CBD oil show up on a drug test? Not likely, but there's a chance, so don't risk it! Switch to a hemp-derived CBD or oil that can guarantee low THC levels. Don't gamble with your cannabidiol or career!

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