How To Get The Best Mattress Cleaning In Singapore

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Are you aware that your mattress can impact your health and well-being? We all look forward to a good night’s rest. Our body uses sleep to heal and repair itself. Conversely, lack of sleep, and poor quality sleep have a detrimental effect on our health. They weaken our immune system and cause aches and pains. The best mattress cleaning in Singapore can help you achieve a good quality mattress, reducing discomfort, helping you restore a sound night’s sleep. 

5 Ways Your Mattress Influences Your Health 

1. Old Mattress Increases Allergy Risk 

Mattresses are the primary source of allergies in a bedroom. Dust, along with dead skin cells and body oils, provides the perfect habitat for dust mites. They thrive and multiply in your mattress, invisible to the naked eye. 

Dust mites have a significant impact on our health. They can cause asthma and dermatitis as well as nasal congestion and dry skin. 

Minimise Dust mite exposure by investing in an allergen-free mattress. The best mattress cleaning in Singapore can also help protect against Dust mites. 

2. A Quality Mattress Reduces Stress 

Sleeping on a good mattress is more comfortable and therefore improves your sleep. Conversely, an old mattress does the opposite causing discomfort and a restless night's sleep. Poor sleep results in increased stress and anxiety levels. Long term sleep deprivation has also been associated with insomnia and depression. 

Fix this by replacing your sleeping surface. A mattress with appropriate support levels will keep you comfortable all night long. Consequently, you will wake feeling rested and re-energised every day. 

3. Aches And Pains Disappear With A Supportive Mattress 

Your mattress is always working against gravity and this results in pressure points that cause aches and pains. Back pain, in particular, is often attributed to a poor quality mattress. 

To alleviate pain and discomfort you need a surface that supports your body. A mattress should promote a healthy spinal position regardless of your sleep posture. 

4. Noisy Mattress Leads To Chronic Back Pain 

Do you hear noises whenever you turn during the night? A noisy mattress isn't just disruptive it is also a health hazard. Worn springs create noise and no longer perform as they should. A sagging mattress also indicates worn springs. The lack of support causes poor sleeping posture which, in turn, causes back and neck pain

Continuing to sleep on worn springs can exacerbate back pain. Think about it, every time you go to bed to get relief from the pain you are actually making it worse! 

Riding yourself of those worn springs will break the damaging cycle. Many people notice an immediate improvement in their pain after switching their mattress. 

5. New Mattress, New Lease Of Life 

Changing and cleaning your mattress can have a profound impact. One night of high quality slumber can give you a new lease of life. The effects are not only physical but also mental. For example, a good night's sleep reduces irritability, improves memory and increases alertness. 

Cleaning Conclusion

It is only after a sound nights sleep we realise the negative impact sleep deprivation has had on our life. Simply changing your mattress can improve your quality of life, so why wait? Decrease your stress levels, banish chronic pain and wake up feeling refreshed everyday.

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