3 Reasons Why Runners Should Use CBD

reasons why runners should use cbd oil supplements cannabidiol for running

If you’re an avid runner, you’re likely experienced with all the tips and tricks you can use to help stay in shape and run that extra mile. Whether it’s using energy drinks, footwear, or protein powder, you want to be able to stay healthy and active. 

If you’re a runner looking for the latest health tip, you know about the benefits of cannabidiol (CBD). Derived from the hemp plant, along with cannabis, CBD is a non-psychoactive compound extracted from the plant that doesn’t get you high like THC does. 

For the longest time, its association with cannabis led to CBD being illegal. However, it is now legal to purchase and consume in every state in America so long as its THC content is below a certain threshold. Its legality has also made CBD an increasingly popular health supplement due to its many health benefits. 

Here are three reasons why runners should use CBD: 

Reason #1: It’s A Great Anti-Inflammatory 

One of the best health benefits that CBD can impart to runners is that it is a powerful anti-inflammatory. Whenever you browse a list of the best CBD products for runners, whether it’s regular CBD oil or protein powder, its anti-inflammatory capabilities will almost certainly be touted. 

Instead of taking pills or prescription medication for inflammation, CBD is loaded with anti-inflammatory properties and comes with little to no negative side effects. It is becoming a very popular supplement among runners and cyclists for that reason. You can take it when you have a minor injury, which may lead to a quicker recovery. 

Reason #2: It’s A Safe Way To Reduce Aches And Pains 

Aside from reducing inflammation, CBD is also an effective way to reduce pain. It does this by interacting with receptors in the endocannabinoid system of your brain, resulting in a reduced sensation of pain. CBD is so effective at treating pain that it is becoming a common method to help people who suffer from chronic pain conditions like arthritis. Since it is safer than most medications, it can also be a useful way for runners to reduce the aches and pains they get from their workouts. 

Reason #3: You Can Use It As A Post-Run Recovery Supplement 

One way runners can get the most out of CBD is to use it as a supplement to help with their post-run recovery. After an intense run, your muscles and joints can be inflamed and aching, which can last for a while. By taking CBD, you may cut down on the inflammation so the pain subsides in intensity and duration. 

You can now find CBD-infused protein powder on the market. It not only has all the essential vitamins and minerals to ensure optimal recovery from a workout, but the CBD contained within may also help with pain and inflammation. 

Cannabidiol Conclusion

CBD should be a supplement that every avid runner incorporates into their toolkit. Cannabidiol supplements may help with treating any sustained injuries and with post-run recovery. With CBD as a part of your arsenal, you can push yourself to run more often, and for greater distances.

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