How To Do A Handstand For Beginners

how to do a handstand for beginners handstanding steps

Staying healthy is top on everyone's mind these days, and while it is true that you don't have to visit the gym daily to exercise, you do need to adopt some physical routine that helps your overall health. And one of such method is yoga. Anyone familiar with some of the yoga poses will understand that it does help when you know the handstand. But you shouldn't only be interested in learning about it because you want to take part in a class. There are other ways learning the handstand will benefit you aside from being able to nail your yoga sessions. 

Let's face it, and there is a lot of physicality’s that go into being able to balance yourself while in an upside-down position. And not to forget, a bit of risk involved as well. So you want to ensure you take appropriate lessons if you are a beginner looking to learn the handstand. There are enough resources here to show you all about the secrets to becoming a pro. 

Still not sure if the handstand is something you should worry about, below are a few reasons why I beg to differ. 

Benefits Of The Handstand 

A good workout routine shouldn't always be hours at the gym, sweating it out. You could also have a few minutes to yourself indoors or at the backyard with some stretching exercises. And one of such is the handstand. Below are some of the benefits of the handstand. 

1. Blood Purification 

The process of hanging upside down reverses the blood supply in the body, which helps in its purification. This helps to keep the heart rate balanced and reduces blockages in the arteries. 

2. Skin Health 

Again, the reverse motion of blood flow helps with the cleansing of the skin. By detoxifying the liver, irritations under the layer of the cause causing pigmentation are wiped out. 

3. Improved Immunity 

The immune system also gets an upgrade each time you strike a handstand. All that tightness in your core region helps with improved oxygen retention in the blood, which allows acts as a boost in the body. 

4. Improved Strength And Confidence 

You get an upgrade in your muscle fibers and tightness in the abs and core region, which helps improve strength. And the healthier you feel deep down, the more confident you will be. 

5. Helps With Nutrient Digestion 

You can also benefit by way of easy digestion and bowel movement. All that tension in the mid- region loosens as soon as the reverse blood flow sets in. It is both therapeutic to the body as it cleanses out toxins out of its system. 

There are several other ways you stand to benefit from the handstand, and you surely want to try a few beginner lessons to see how it feels. Below are some easy beginner lessons to get you doing the handstand in no time. 

Beginner Handstand Lessons To Try 

So you have been reading all this while and think you want to give it a try, but before you go hanging upside down, you want to be careful to avoid getting yourself injured. So you want to begin by acquiring some protective gear to shield your head, face, knees, wrist, and elbows. 

You want to avoid trying to balance out on thick foam, and may consider using a mat to cushion your body while you try to balance. Some of the safety practices you want to consider include 

• Start by adjusting on a tree or wall; this helps you work your way to hanging straight up without any support. It also helps to break your fall while learning to hold your balance. 

• Try this exercise in the open where you have all the space you need without any obstacles nearby. 

• Always have someone around to be on the lookout and supervise and provide assistance when necessary. A friend at the gym or your six years old is a good enough assistant. 

Getting Into Position 

Most people start by standing with their backs against the wall and then slowly bringing the arms down to the towns with the palms touching the floor. The next step is to balance your hands on the ground by creating enough distance between them to strengthen the shoulders and back. Then gradually climb up the wall one foot at a time and trying to balance yourself as you go. 

You will need a wall as a beginner to learn the critical trick to the handstand, which is balancing. Keeping your feet together helps in breaking your fall and with your focus. Without this, you won't be able to get the right posture required to succeed with the handstand. You must caution when climbing up and down as hurrying things is the quickest route to an accident. You want to work your way gradually while relying on your muscles to determine how much longer to hold. 

You don't want to go hanging upside down immediately after a meal as you want your body to be light and free to support all that movement. It would help if you also took breaks between sessions to give your body enough time to recover from being in an upside-down position. 

Final Note On Handstands For Beginners

The handstand move is an easy routine that has a lot of positive effects on the mind and body. It doesn't require much to learn, and all you need is a mat and wall, and in no time, you will be hanging upside down without any help.

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