CBD For Sports Enthusiasts Who Suffer From Muscle Pain

cbd for sports enthusiasts muscle pain treatment athletes

A common issue for those who train consistently is muscle soreness post-workout. It's well known when you put your muscles through intense strain; they endure microscopic tears. These create inflammation bringing muscle fatigue and soreness. It's too much for some athletes to endure to reach their gains with some giving up. Others are of the mindset, 'no pain, no gain.' 

Growing attention in the fitness community is placed on the original source, the all-natural CBD oil or cannabidiol supplement. Claims have long existed surrounding CBD's pain-reducing and anti-inflammatory properties. 

Because of this, people find that after exercising, the compound can help to relax the soreness. There is some debate over which application is most useful for the pain and fatigue. Some claim salve infused with the substance directly applied to the affected spot is most beneficial. 

Can CBD Provide Benefits As A Supplement 

It is becoming a trend among those who work out with cannabidiol, or CBD found in virtually everything imaginable, including health drinks. It has made its mark on the medical community with properties that claim to help reduce symptoms associated with certain conditions. 

It seems, though, it may potentially be serviceable as a dietary supplement for the sporting world. The all-natural product claims to offer better recovery and accomplish growth as a supplement. If it has this capacity, it would be much safer than some harmful substances the sporting world uses to achieve this, including NSAIDs, SARMs, and dangerous steroids. Read how the cannabidiol assists with tension in the muscles. 

How Does CBD Help With Muscle Building? 

The body produces catabolic hormones responsible for breaking down muscle tissue. The goal for many in the sporting industry is to build mass and increase tone, meaning they need to reduce these hormone levels, including cortisol. An excess of this substance is usually the culprit for seeing no results, even with regular workouts. 

As you sleep and are at your most relaxed point, cortisol is at its minimum, allowing muscle's tissue to build through protein synthesis. With CBD, a person is more comfortable and better able to achieve REM sleep, putting the level of cortisol at its lowest point. In technicality, CBD plays a hand in the growth of muscles. 

Legalities Of CBD In The Competitive Sporting World 

The World Anti-Doping Agency has strict guidelines on what the athletes can use to assist with their regimens. Most drugs are prohibited, including THC or tetrahydrocannabinol, which is the cousin of CBD. It is a psychoactive compound responsible for the high associated with marijuana. CBD is permitted. 

The primary resource for CBD is the hemp plant providing little to no level of THC. Hemp was removed from the federal drug schedules recently, causing CBD to surge in popularity. It's worth noting that athletes need to take care of the products that they choose to use and where they obtain them. 

Some suppliers may provide products with low levels of THC, which would pass WADA required drug screenings. But, depending on the source of the compound, there may be higher levels of the psychoactive, causing a failed test and subsequent consequences. 

The compound is legal in all 50 states due to the 2018 Farm Bill. The bill signed into law states cultivation for any use, including producing and extracting CBD, and distributing of industrial hemp is legal. Ensuring that you receive a legitimate product is your responsibility.

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