Reasons You Should Go For Ketamine Infusions

reasons get ketamine infusions

Ketamine is fast cementing its position in the treatment of depression. The drug has shown promising results in treating treatment-resistant depression, which is giving practitioners and patients sleepless nights. From treating alcoholism, autism, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, to chronic pain among others, the list seems to be endless. If you are looking to find a reliable provider for the best The Woodlands Ketamine infusion therapy, there is good news. 

Recently, the FDA has approved Esketamine as a viable alternative to ketamine in treating depression. Esketamine is a nasal spray that has caused a debate about the efficiency of ketamine infusions vs. nasal spray. Jessen Mukalel MD and his team assert that ketamine infusions are superior to nasal sprays. Below are the reasons why you should go for ketamine infusions. 

Why Ketamine Infusions Matter 

Ketamine infusions are essential since they impact the efficacy of medications that you use. This substance increases your body's ability to absorb medicine, also known as bioavailability rate. 

When you are using medication in the form of pills, your body only uses 16-24% of this, while when the drug is administered through the nose, as is the case with nasal spray treatment, only 25-50% of it is used. 

The drug bioavailability rate occurs due to the barriers medication has to pass through before it can be absorbed into the bloodstream. For instance, when you swallow pills, they have to go through your digestive system which contains harsh stomach acid before reaching your bloodstream for onward transmission to the brain. The same is true for nasal sprays, which can be lost through mucus drainage or sneezing. 

Infusions have a 100% bioavailability rate since they reach your bloodstream directly and then reaching the brain. 

Other Benefits Of Ketamine Infusions 

Ketamine infusions help your practitioner to determine the exact amount of ketamine that your body is absorbing. This places them in a better position to customize a treatment plan that has the most benefits. Your practitioner will also be able to monitor your progress during treatment more closely. For instance, if you begin to have undesirable side effects, your treatment plan can be adjusted or stopped. Ketamine infusion treatment has lower costs since you will be required to make fewer visits to your practitioner. This is a plus, especially bearing in mind that insurance providers do not cover intravenous ketamine. 

When using ketamine infusions, you will spend less time in treatment than when using the nasal spray. This means that the treatments are less frequent and less time is taken during each infusion treatment. For instance, it will take close to 70 minutes to get a ketamine infusion for depression and your provider has to monitor your progress for 2 hours after one Esketamine nasal spray treatment. 

Are Ketamine Infusions Addictive? 

Since ketamine has a history of being used as a street drug, your physician advises against self- medication. If you are battling chronic pain or depression and conventional treatments have failed to provide relief, seek professional help. There is a thin line between correct use and abuse when using the drug on your own. 

Schedule a consultation with your experienced practitioner today to learn how ketamine infusions can put you on the path to recovery from chronic pain.

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