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Women being life-givers need medical services tailor-made to suit their needs. Specialists in obstetrics and gynecology help women have the best experience before and after giving birth. The wellness of women is essential to the wellbeing of the family and society at large. Doctor Yakov provides a range of services such as pelvic rehabilitation and urinary incontinence in Midtown East. As a specialist in obstetrics, gynecology, laser, and cosmetic surgery, Dr. Levy established a facility in New York eighteen years ago. Evidential diagnosis is the basis for the care given to each patient visiting the facility. 

Furthermore, the patients seeking services of the facility reviewed the facility favorably. The approach to care adopted by the facility focuses on what an individual patient needs. Therefore, the doctors do not rely so much on lab results and diagnosis, although they use up to date labs to detect health issues in women. Additionally, any woman, regardless of age, can seek services from the facility. The lead physician has a tone of knowledge and experience, and thus patients get the best care. The team of physicians attending to each patient strives to give the patient the best care. 

The hospital provides a range of services that target reproductive and cosmetic issues. Besides, the facility offers treatments for urinary incontinence, pelvic pain, and infections, among others. Urinary incontinence is accidental leaking of urine that might occur after delivery or during menopause. The doctor first identifies the type of incontinence then prescribes whether the patient needs pelvic rehabilitation or surgery to tighten vaginal walls. The hospital also addresses gynecology issues such as abnormal bleeding, birth control, pap smear, abortion, cysts, fibroids, and infertility. Additionally, the office carries out preventative measures to ensure patients do not get cancer associated with women. 

More so, Doctor Levy is a pregnancy specialist who helps many women achieve the dream of holding their bundles of joy. The prenatal care ensures that the baby delivered is healthy. The doctor focuses on the health of both the mother and the child. The mother also has the best team to help deliver the baby either through vaginal delivery or cesarean delivery. 

For women who aspire to have a dream body, Doctor Levy performs surgical body contouring and sculpting, laser, and cosmetic surgery. The doctor has an immense skill which helps women achieve a better look. The aesthetic procedures involve skin tightening, muscle toning, laser hair removal, and facial skin resurfacing. 

Dr. Levy is a specialist in all issues affecting women, whether reproductive or aesthetic. More so, the doctor has vast experience in his eighteen years of practice. The doctor ensures that the patient's needs prevail over lab results to ensure patients have the best solution. Also, the facility has helped women achieve pregnancy by dealing with infertility. The facility also affords treatment for women with urine incontinence, which is a challenge, especially after pregnancy. For solutions to feminine related issues, women should book an appointment today.

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