Effective Leg Swelling Treatment Services In Westlake, OH

effective leg swelling treatment service

Leg swelling is one of the most common concerns and complaints for lots of patients. Leg swelling may be a simple side effect of pregnancy, medications, or simple surface injury. However, it can also be dangerous and suggestive of an underlying illness. Some of the most frequent afflictions of patients presenting with leg swelling include venous insufficiency, chronic venous disease, and varicose veins. For leg swelling in Westlake, Dr. David Naar at Premier Vein Clinic diagnoses the underlying cause and recommends the best treatment option. 

What Is Leg Swelling? 

Leg swelling refers to a common health condition that causes swelling in feet and legs. The condition mostly occurs in the lower legs - in the knees, ankles, and feet. There are many different causes of leg swelling that range from mild to dangerous. Dr. Naar is a board-certified vascular surgeon with sufficient experience in cosmetic outpatient procedures and surgery to treat your leg swelling condition. 

When Should You Seek Emergency Medical Care For Leg Swelling? 

Also referred to as edema, leg swelling can be a sign of a more severe condition. You should seek emergency care if you have signs and symptoms that might indicate a blood clot in your lungs or a severe heart condition, including coughing blood, difficulty breathing, chest pain, or shortness of breath with exertion. You should also seek immediate medical care if your leg swelling occurs in a single leg and is accompanied by pain or pale skin; it is usually related to a physical injury such as a car accident, sports injury, or has happened suddenly and for no reason. 

What Should You Consider Before Your Appointment? 

Before you consider seeking medical care, you can try some methods to relieve the pressure and pain of leg swelling temporarily. Some of these useful tips include: 

· Putting a pillow under your legs when lying down, which may reduce swelling related to fluid buildup. 

· Over the counter pain medication to alleviate painful swelling 

· Wearing elastic compression stockings. You should, however, avoid tight stockings around the top. 

· Avoid sitting or standing for long periods. Have frequent movement breaks unless the swelling is painful. 

· Restricting the amount of salt in your diet 

· Wearing loose clothes or dresses that don’t restrict blood circulation 

· Work out regularly and lose excess weight to enhance blood circulation. 

However, if an underlying disease causes your leg swelling, you should consult a physician for diagnosis and treatment. 

Do You Need To Visit A Physician For Leg Swelling? 

As stated earlier, leg swelling can be an early sign of an underlying severe medical condition such as deep vein thrombosis or chronic venous insufficiency. It is essential to consult a physician for testing and accurate diagnosis. At Premier Vein Clinic, Dr. Naar will conduct a series of tests to determine the exact root cause of your leg swelling. The liver, kidney, and heart problems can lead to leg swelling. Once he determines the cause of leg swelling, he will create a treatment plan perfect for your needs. 

To sum up, leg swelling can be a symptom of a severe and life-threatening condition. You should talk to a medical professional about your condition and seek prompt medical care. If you have leg swelling in and around Westlake, OH, call or book an appointment online with Dr. Naar at Premier Vein Clinic for the best treatment plan.

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