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Maintaining a healthy body requires correct diagnoses and a comfortable environment offering the necessary medical care for you and your whole family. Along with providing adult and pediatric primary care, Dr. Peter Wenger at Princeton Sports and Family Medicine will examine you and give you the required medication or procedure to keep you healthy. Princeton Sports and Family Medicine also provides complete care for you and your family for chronic illnesses. 

Services Offered At A Sports And Family Medicine Center 

The care team at this facility focuses on helping you maintain a healthy body. The physicians and other well-known medical professionals offer a wide range of medical services, including chronic illnesses such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and arthritis. The facilities also offer you treatment for sports injuries, such as knee pain, and your doctor is at the heart of all this. 

The team at Princeton Sports and Family Medicine are highly qualified in their respective fields ranging from adult and pediatric primary care to sports treatment programs, making the facility the ideal place for the provision of health to your family members who have problems such as urinary tract infections, sexually transmitted diseases, and excessive weight to lose. Unlike other facilities, Princeton Sports and Family Medicine maintains a low number of patients attended to in a day to provide enough time for you and your unique needs. Your doctor ensures that you receive excellent patient treatment while providing a comfortable environment if you are above the age of four. 

The Whole Care Services Provided 

Your doctor at Princeton Sports and Family Medicine will help you manage chronic illnesses by providing the required medication and information to take care of yourself. The team encourages you to explore substitute therapies such as massage and acupuncture. The professional doctors enable you to achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Along with providing diagnosis and treatment, Princeton Sports and Family Medicine also offers exemplary care services to ensure that you live a healthy life. 

Treatment And Wellness Programs 

The physicians at Princeton Sports and Family Medicine work closely with athletic coaches, physical therapists, and other primary caregivers to provide precise treatment for you when you have a sports-related injury and other medical illnesses. The doctors recommend sporting activities for you to prevent several medical diseases, such as chronic conditions. The medical team at Princeton Sports and Family Medicine task themselves to diagnose and treat acute and chronic illnesses while providing wellness programs for you and your family. Your doctor also offers treatment of injuries such as dislocated knees and joint pains experienced during sporting activities. 

Achieving a healthy lifestyle for you and your whole family is an essential service that Princeton Sports and Family Medicine, located in Lawrenceville, NJ, understands. This practice provides both treatment and preventive programs that will help you achieve and maintain a healthy life. The team ensures you get an excellent patient experience while providing a safe and comfortable environment for your treatment. Make an online appointment or call to receive treatment.

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