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Neurological disorders can start from a simple headache or migraine to more severe diseases, like stroke. Like any other form of health, neurological health is quite critical in our lives to ensure our brain's proper functioning, and that of every part of our body. NY Neurologists Associates provides neurological care and pain management services to people in the New York area. The team consists of many specialists in headaches, migraines, epilepsy, pain management, and sclerosis. The need for a pediatric neurologist in New York is covered by Dr. Pascal Saremsky, who uses a friendly approach to help children of all ages with neurological issues. The physicians at NY Neurological Associates are highly skilled, board-certified specialists passionate about their work. They strive to help patients attain their health. 

They use the most advanced and effective medical care equipment to ensure their patients get the best diagnosis services there are. They value their patients; thus, their services are patient- centered. They treat neurological issues and carry out clinical research activities to look for and find more about potential treatment options for neurological disorders. Their research information is available on their website at New York Neurology Institute. The qualified physicians are friendly to their patients, understands, and listens to them to ensure every patient's needs and concerns are treated. 

The team of certified neurologists and pain management specialists provides personalized care options to cater to every patient's unique needs. They offer both simple and complex health services that serve chronic conditions like migraines, headaches problems, dizziness, memory problems, and stroke, among others. They also offer diagnostic procedures such as nerve conduction studies, NCS, carotid, and transcranial doppler studies and evoked potential studies. Their therapeutic procedures include sacroiliac joint blocks and injections, Botox injections for headaches, epidural steroid injection, and radiofrequency facet joint ablation. Some of their services include: 

Multiple Sclerosis 

Multiple sclerosis affects many people, and when not treated, it leads to more alarming symptoms. New York has the best-qualified specialists at NY Neurology Associates that provide the most advanced multiple sclerosis treatment options to meet patient's needs. Visit them today to learn more about multiple sclerosis treatment options. 


Stroke is a painful condition that causes a temporary or permanent effect on movement, speech, and swallowing, among other symptoms. The stroke specialists at NY Neurology Associates offer innovative and comprehensive care to stroke patients. Call them today or book an appointment online to schedule your consultation. 

Deep Brain Stimulation 

It is a proven and effective way to treat tremor disorders, including Parkison’s disease. New York Neurology and Associates is a top-ranked practice in the New York area for effective deep brain stimulation procedures. Call them today to learn more about this treatment procedure. 

When looking for neurological health care, it's necessary you choose the best. NY Neurology Associates are experts in neurological care and pain management in the Upper East Side, Long Island, Upper West Side, and Downtown areas of New York City. They consist of skilled and board-certified specialists in headache and migraine conditions, stroke, pain management, and all other neurological conditions ensuring all patients receive treatments according to their needs. They are compassionate to their patients, listening to their every need and ensuring they feel comfortable and safe when in their practice. They welcome new patients and accept major health insurance plans. Visit their offices today to learn more, enjoy their patient-centered services, or to schedule your appointment.

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