Why Use Pay Per Click Ads

why use pay per click ads ppc advertising

Do you know those ads that pop up whenever you look up something on the internet? Those are pay per click ads. Sometimes they're annoying, but sometimes they're helpful. If you have a business and want to implement this marketing strategy, then the latter effect is what you want. To make sure you have your ads as useful as possible, you may need to get pay per click services to help you. 

Hit Your Target Audience 

Having a higher reach is an advantage in boxing, but that reach is useless if the punches do not connect. There is no doubt that traditional marketing media like billboards, newspapers, TV, and radio have great reach. Still, how many people exposed to those media care about what they are seeing? If your business is related to gardening, it does not make much sense to put up a massive billboard on a busy highway. Sure, you may get some "hits", but how many out of everyone driving by? All the while, you are paying money for that billboard. 

In contrast, your pay per click ads only pop up when people use keywords that are related to your business. Thus, those who see your ads are likely to be already interested in your product or service. Plus, with pay per click ads, you only pay every time someone clicks the ads (hence the name). Not only are your punches connecting, but you also do not have to shelve out too much money to do so. 

Re-Hit Your Target Audience 

This advantage is like a continuation of the first one. Getting traffic to your business is good. It creates awareness and potential sales. The word "potential" is key because you can never be sure that all of those clicks will lead to sales. Of course, the best sales conversion rate is 100%, but that only happens in some magical place. In reality, the number is much lower. 

For example, Google ads have an average conversion rate of less than 3.5%. Thus, you need to milk as much of those clicks as possible, and you can do this by re-hitting your target audience. A key strategy in marketing is customer loyalty. You can create loyalty if you satisfy your customers with your products or services. 

If they need your products or services again, they are likely to go for you again. You can make this easier by running ads that your customers can easily find. Thus, you can get more out of that 3.5%. Plus, if the remaining 96.5% still hasn’t found what they are looking for, they can likely give in, click your ad, and see what you have to offer. 

Track Your Hits 

Consider boxing again. In a match, analysts keep track of punches and how many connected and missed. This PPC data allows everyone to see how effective the attacking fighter is. If people see hundreds of punches but only a handful connecting, then this data indicates that fighters should be more tactical with their punches. 

You cannot get this same data if you run billboards or newspaper ads, but you can with internet ads. Companies that offer pay per click services will not only know how many clicked your ads; they can also know relevant information such as age, ethnicity, etc. These PPC data points give you an idea of what demographics you attract. From these data, you can adjust your ads to attract more of that demographic or expand to other demographics.

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