Your Quick Guide To Pokie Games

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The great thing about playing slots virtually at sites like 888 casino, is that the games are software-based. This means you have more options, better features, and get access to huge upgrades compared to the pokie games you’ll find in your local casino. 

You’ll find so many options online, that it can even be somewhat overwhelming at times. However, if you have a basic knowledge of the different types of games and terms associated with them, you’ll be fine. After all, the reason so many people choose these fun and exciting microgames are because they aren’t complicated at all. 

In this article, we’ll tell you briefly what kinds of pokie games are out there for you to choose from. 

Different Categories Of Pokie Games 

Let’s jump right into a brief description of the different types of pokie games that exist. This will help you decide which categories to check out the next time you enter an online casino to play. 

The most popular pokie slot game options are: 

• Three-Reel Classic Slots – purists love these simple games which are the closest to the original slot machines. They are easy to play and have very few special features. However, it’s been proven that these games tend to give out more frequent payouts than newer games. 

• Five-Reel Slots – the vast majority of pokie games you’ll see today fall under this category. With certain advancements, developers made these games more appealing and exciting. They also added extra bonus rounds and other features for rewarding players. 

• Progressives – whenever you see an advertisement for a huge slot jackpot that is hundreds of thousands or even millions, it’s most likely a progressive slot game. These jackpots increase slightly every time someone plays the game. And eventually, one lucky player will win the massive jackpot. 

• Mega Spin – these games allow you to play up to 6 or more games at the same time. With one click you can spin several games at once for more chances to win. However, keep in mind that the more games and lines you play, the greater your bet amount will be. 

• Mobile Slots – These aren’t necessarily a category of their own, since all of the above can also have mobile capabilities. However, mobile slots allow you to play from anywhere, on your phone or tablets. 

Slots Terms Every Play Should Know 

You’ve probably seen the following terms here and there. Try to remember them so you can use them properly when they come up in games. 

Multi-Pay Lines – You won’t find these in the classic slots categories. But many of the newer games give you the chance to choose how many pay lines to play. So, you can tailor your experience based on your bankroll. 

Multipliers – these features are fantastic because they give you the opportunity to multiply your winnings by double or even triple when you hit one. Some of the best slots have these features which attract many players. 

Certain slot games are superior to others. And thanks to online casinos you can try almost all of the above pokie slots in free mode for fun or for real money!

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