Special Benefits Of Water-Based CBD

water-based cbd oil soluble cannabidiol

Following the passing of the Farm Bill Amendments of 2018, one of the most notable cannabis products is cannabidiol (CBD). It is one of the cannabinoids found in a hemp plant and comes with a lot of therapeutic benefits, such as help with migraines and chronic pain. Because CBD is hydrophobic, advances in technology have made it possible to form water- based CBD. In this post, we will look at the main benefits of using water-based cannabidiol. 

The Development Of Water-Based CBD 

While there is no doubt about the numerous benefits that come with using CBD, concerns have been raised about bioavailability, especially when used orally. Researchers have indicated that in most CBD-infused edibles and drinks, bio-availability can be as little as 4%. This implies that over 90% of CBD gets flushed away, especially during breakdown in the liver. 

The low availability rates resulted in the development of water-based CBD. Water-soluble CBD is made by breaking down CBD into tiny particles using nanotechnology. Once broken down into tiny particles, CBD is made into nanoemulsions using liposomes or polysorbate, and then dissolved in water. 

Benefits Of Water-Based CBD 

The main advantage of water-based CBD is the enhanced bioavailability. The process unlocks the smallest nanoparticles of cannabidiol, making it easy for the body to absorb them. Simply put, water-based CBD is easily absorbed into the bloodstream to deliver the anticipated therapeutic benefits. For example, if you have a severe migraine at your workplace, taking water-based CBD can help to deliver the anticipated relieve fast. Here are other benefits of using water-based CBD. 

Increases Efficiency And Generates Less Waste

When you shift to water-based CBD, it is already broken down into small particles, meaning that there will be less waste generated during its synthesis. 

Versatile Use 

Water-soluble CBD has opened a new window of possibilities with cannabis products. Now researchers are able to try CBD with different drinks and beverages to ensure that more people can enjoy CBD-related benefits. 

Better Value

With higher bioavailability, it implies that you will be able to enjoy better performance with the same dose of water-soluble product, be it capsule or pill. 

Does Water-Based CBD Have Any Side Effects? 

Although there are so many benefits associated with water-based CBD, it comes with two notable disadvantages. 

Water-Soluble CBD Only Has CBD 

Because water-based CBD is prepared using pure CBD, it implies that all the other phytocannabinoids are filtered out. Although it is a great thing because you are sure of enjoying the therapeutic benefits of CBD, a person interested in the other cannabinoids will find it less effective. In such a situation, you might need to look for full-spectrum cannabis products. 

May Not Take Long In The Body 

When you take CBD oil and other full-spectrum cannabis oils, they take longer in the body. This means that they are able to deliver longer-term effect than the water-soluble CBD. Although relieve from water-soluble CBD might ebb out faster, you can always take another dose if the symptoms of the targeted health condition resurface. 

CBD Conclusion

The entry of water-based CBD is worth celebrating because it is making it possible for people to get more benefits of cannabis-based products. Whether you want to use CBD for menstrual cramps or anxiety, there is no doubt that water-based CBD is a great option, but you should only buy from the best dealers.

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