All About Harlequin Strain Cannabis Benefits

harlequin strain cannabis thc cbd

Luckily cannabis is legal in several parts of the world. Personally, I find it better than indulging in other health deteriorating activities- alcohol abuse, synthetic drugs, opioids consumption. One can easily consume cannabis without worrying about laws; however, a little limitation and restriction is and should be there to keep control! There are several cannabis strains that make up the medical marijuana category, and one of them is Harlequin Strain. 

Let us explore some great stories about the strain and dive into the myriad of marijuana benefits for mankind. 

Harlequin Genetics 

To understand how well the Harlequin strain helps medically treat and manage several serious illnesses, one must be aware of the genetics that leads to such benefits. Harlequin strain has its own history of importance. 

This is a Sativa dominant hybrid with its parent strains from Swiss, Columbia, and Thai. It includes a Nepali landrace Indica strain. This strain has three parent strains with low THC content; the single Indica strain gives the Harlequin a boost of CBD level. This makes the Harlequin Strain appropriate for a wide variety of serious health illnesses. 

Harlequin Strain Effects 

Do you love Sativa dominant cannabis strains? Harlequin is a perfect strain. Since it is Sativa dominant, it brings effects on the cerebral part of the brain. It uplifts the mood of the consumer and brings them a euphoric effect. 

Even more, it brings little psychoactive effects because of the low THC level content. Get a relaxing effect within a little time of consumption. It is an ideal cannabis strain who wants to enjoy the medicinal benefits but cannot tolerate high THC effects. 

Harlequin strain has about 7-15% THC and 4-10% CBD. Therefore, high CBD content makes it beneficial for treating and managing anxiety and chronic illnesses. Even cannabis doctors recommend this strain if the patient shows no recovery with the ongoing treatment. This is the best alternative to the over-the-counter medicines loaded with opioids, making it fatal. 

One of the trusted sources of obtaining the perfect Harlequin strain for your medical needs is Miami Rave. 

Harlequin: Appearance, Aroma, Flavor 

Sativa dominant Harlequin is 75:25 THC: CBD. It is dense with hints of forest green color and orange shades. The aroma of the strain is a little musky, woody, and fresh with the scent of vanilla. Some even say that they feel the aroma to be of fresh mango. 

The best part is that it is not pungent or even overpowering, so it will not linger in the house longer. A little spicy and notes of sandalwood, it has a mixed lineage with a touch of sweetness. Relish the powerful calming, and relaxed feel from the Harlequin Strain brings to you. 

Due to its flavor and aroma, it is suitable to brew in tea or have it raw, use as an incense or maybe use as a ground spice in meals. So, you shall enjoy this strain at the comfort of your home and cherish the medicinal benefits simultaneously. 

Final Words On Harlequin Strain, THC, And CBD

Studying the Harlequin clears that the parent strains and the content of CBD and THC in it- shows that it is ideal for treating or managing a wide range of medical illnesses. It is the best daytime strain that keeps the consumer active and makes them feel happy, relaxed, and entirely functional at the same time. Are you ready to adopt Harlequin Strain as your cannabis strain of choice?

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