3 Risk Factors Of Arthritis Flare-Up You Should Know

arthritis flare-up risk factors arthritic joints

Your climb up and down the stairs on your apartment building is no longer as easy as it once was. With every leg raise you make, excruciating pain has become a norm. Arthritis tends to limit your mobility, hindering you from exploring the hidden gems in your hometown. The good news is that specialists in New Rochelle arthritis are a call away to ease your pain. 

Probably you are wondering about potential risk factors that bring about arthritis. The guide below on arthritic agitation probable causes will help put your mind at ease: 

1. Genes 

Sometimes when you develop arthritis, the risk lies in factors which, unfortunately, you can’t control. Nobody chooses where they are born, when, and indeed, in which family. When you inherit the genes from your lineage, your chances of getting arthritis are higher. Nevertheless, it is essential to note that having arthritis genes does not necessarily mean you will get the disease. 

Additionally, some diseases pose a higher risk of contributing to arthritis, like diabetes and even problems with your nervous system. 

2. Sometimes Gender Plays A Role 

Another common factor that is not within human control is gender composition. Everyone, both male and female, is different and special in their unique way. However, as a woman you are up to two times more likely to develop arthritis than a man. In most cases, you may notice arthritis symptoms as you age which may be because of a hormone imbalance. 

You are also at a higher risk of developing arthritis if you did not breastfeed during your child- bearing years. It is also more prevalent among women who did not give birth or who have an irregular menstrual cycle. 

3. Your Lifestyle Choices 

How well do you like your cigar? Research shows smoking is an environmental trigger in developing arthritis. Therefore, implementing a lifestyle change is the best decision. In this regard, embark on a journey to minimize your nicotine intake and eventually quit smoking. Remember, it is a habit that took time to learn, and you will take some time to unlearn it. 

Weight is also a contributing factor in developing arthritis. The more the scale tilts to the higher side, the higher your chances of having arthritis. With more weight, you exert excess pressure on your joints, leading to more pain when you are mobile. Managing your weight level is a suitable way of minimizing the risk. 

What’s on your plate? What you eat and what you should avoid plays a significant role in your weight loss journey. For instance, increase your fruits and vegetable intake together with whole-grain foods in your diet. You can also start slowly on low impact exercises as you gradually build up to achieve the desired weight. 


However, even with arthritis, you can adopt a healthy regimen to manage your condition. Your personal trainer will help you adopt better fitness exercises, technique, form, and methods of living a life free from pain when you have arthritis. The long term benefits in managing your condition are also innumerable.

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