Winter Face Care Ideas

winter face care ideas cold weather dry skin moisturizer

The winter months can be very harsh on your skin and face, so it’s important to keep yourself looking and feeling your best. Pollution, air conditioning and lack of sunlight can all contribute to leaving your skin feeling dry, dehydrated and irritated. Here are a couple of great ideas that you use to keep a healthy glow all year round: 


A good moisturizer is essential all year round, but you may need a richer one during winter. Air conditioning often removes the moisture from the air, leaving your skin feeling dry and dehydrated. It is important to drink water, as this will rehydrate your entire body. Using a moisturizer as part of your routine will add that extra layer of hydration and repair damage done during the day. Try and find one with an SPF, as the sun can still affect your skin, even in winter, by reflecting off snow and surfaces. There are plenty of options available for all genders and skin types, so it is very easy to find one that will work for you, regardless of sensitivities or allergies. 


Your eyes can really suffer in winter, as weather and dry air can play havoc with their hydration levels. If your eyes get super dry, you might want to visit your doctor and consider using eye drops to boost their natural moisture. Dry eyes can be very uncomfortable, and cause irritation and redness, and they can also be a symptom of further eye problems, so it’s a good idea to get them regularly checked. It is also important to protect your eyes from UV rays, even in winter. Wearing protective sunglasses can help shield your eyes from damage caused by sunlight reflecting off surfaces and snow, keeping your eyes healthier for longer. 

Night Mask 

You may need a further hydration boost to get your skin feeling back to normal during winter months. Night masks are great for this, as they provide intensive moisture whilst you sleep, repairing your skin overnight. Sleeping with the heating on might keep you warm, but sometimes you can wake up feeling dehydrated, as it removes the humidity from the air. Using a night mask can help protect against this, so try incorporating one into your night time routine a few times a week to see the benefits. As with moisturizers, there are so many options to choose from, and you will be able to find one that suits your needs. 


Chapped, dry lips are very common in winter, for a huge number of reasons. These can include air conditioning, frequent licking to rehydrate them, and breathing through your mouth more. Using a good quality lip balm will help repair any damage, and act as a protective barrier to further problems. Dry lips can be very painful, and even result in bleeding, so it is important to protect and nourish them. Drinking water will also help, as well as using lip masks and scrubs to remove any dead skin and leave your lips feeling soft and moisturized again!

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