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The stress and worry that is accompanied by an unsuccessful try for a baby are beyond compare, especially for women. This does not mean that infertility in men is impossible. With the South Charleston fertility evaluation Board of Certified family medicine practitioners, it does not have to be a pain in the neck anymore. They are making your dream to be a parent come true even at the age of 35 – 40+ when your chances of conceiving are lower. All they need to do is evaluate you to determine the cause of your infertility and administer the best treatment that fits your body. 

Together with women, their male partners also undergo tests on sperm quality and the general reproduction system. 

They offer tests such as: 

Blood And Urine Test 

This is the simplest test that is used to measure progestin level, determine your production, release, and supply of mature eggs. The test is also used to detect issues that affect ovulation, like a high level of prolactin and thyroid diseases, which are mostly the causes of infertility. 


By revealing changes in the follicles that produce an egg, an ultrasound helps predict ovulation. Patel and Patel M.D INC also offer a specialized form of ultrasound called sonohysterography that detects any issues with the uterus, such as scarring. 


This is a specialized x-ray that is used to identify any blockages in the fallopian tubes. 


The inside of your uterus is a place that cannot be seen from the outside, but with this flexible tubular that is fitted with a camera and light inserted into your vagina through the cervix, the medical team at Patel & Patel, M.D., Inc. is able to see hence, able to treat any uterine disease. 


A laparoscopic procedure is a flexible tubular fitted with a camera and light just like the hysteroscopy, but it enters your body through an abdominal incision enabling the paramedics to look at the outside of your uterus, the ovaries, and fallopian tubes. 

With the above evaluation, the gynecologist at South Charleston is able to determine the cause of your inability to conceive. They discuss the findings with you and offer the best treatment option. 

If an evaluation is negative, which is possible, then your fertility issues may be caused by: 

· Stress 
· Unhealthy lifestyles 
· Poor timing 

Everything is possible with Patel and Patel M.D INC walking this journey with you, they will help you address all issues to boost your chances of conceiving. 

South Charleston is available to give you comprehensive health care, which includes: 

· Birth control advice 
· Fitting of contraceptive devices 
· Abnormal bleeding 
· Pelvic pain 
· Preventive screening for breast and cervical cancer 
· Urinary tract infection 

With them, all your infertility problems are addressed, and you can walk the pregnancy journey bearing as many children as you wish with less complication. 

Get Going On Your Pregnancy Journey

Book an appointment with them today by calling their office numbers or using their online scheduling tool to get a specialized treatment from the best gynecologists who are ready to listen and care. They will walk this infertility journey with you until you achieve your dreams.

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