Causes And Prevention Of Periodontal Diseases

causes gum disease prevention periodontal diseases

Periodontal or gum disease is a severe infection that eats up the soft tissues and loosens your teeth if it permeates the bone. Your dentist will advise you to go for regular check-ups and take good care of your oral health to prevent you from reaching an irreversible extent. The positive side of the infection is, whether you develop acute or moderate chronic periodontist, the disease can be contained by mechanical removal and subgingival bacterial biofilms reduction. To prevent the disease from worsening, experts in periodontal disease treatment in Frisco will help you reverse your gums through periodontal cleaning and cleaning your teeth’s roots. 

How Can You Prevent Gum Disease? 

Your gums will not grow back after advanced damage. However, your dentist will advise on some tips to help minimize your chances of developing gum infections. Maintaining good oral health is one critical practice to prevent gum infection. You will enhance your gums’ health when: 

· You brush and floss. Brushing for at least two minutes prevents the piling of plaque on your teeth and flossing helps remove the food particles caught up between your teeth in places inaccessible by a toothbrush. 

· Visit when your dentist when you realize you have issues with your gums. Gum inflammation and bleeding caused by plaque buildup are the first signs of gum infection. Your dentist could also recommend dental cleaning twice or more times a year to prevent the onset of gum diseases. Watch out for warning signs when you brush and floss. You will be forced to contact your dentist when your gums start bleeding easily or get sore. 

How Can You Fix A Periodontal Disease? 

To help you contain the gum infection and prevent it from becoming irreversible, your dentist will recommend periodontal cleaning, consisting of scaling and root planing. Professional dental cleaning involves extracting bacteria from your gums and roots. Additionally, your dentist can opt to smooth your teeth’s root to minimize chances of potential bacterial buildup. 

What Causes Periodontal Disease? 

Periodontal diseases are usually caused by a buildup of plaque on your teeth. Thanks to the infection’s unnoticeable initial signs, you are most likely to ignore or procrastinate to seek professional health. When the buildup causes a bacterial infection on your gums, it causes them to be sore, sensitive, and bleed when you brush. If the pile plaque on your gums and teeth is not treated, it will advance to tartar, which can only be cleared by a professional dental cleaning. Will you lose teeth if you have periodontal disease? When you develop gingivitis and you leave it untreated, your gums will develop peritonitis. Once the gums get infected with this irreversible disease, your gums and bones eventually become damaged, forcing your teeth to loosen and fall out. However, if they fail to fall out, your dentist will be forced to extract them. 

Get Greater Gums

You are most likely to develop gum disease when you do not maintain good oral health. However, there is a cure to reverse the infection and restore your beautiful smile. For more information on oral inspection and treatment, contact the dental experts at Lone Star Dental Care today.

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