Tips To Help You Avoid Getting Bronchitis

tips avoid getting bronchitis

Acute bronchitis arises from the same viruses that lead to colds and the flu. Typically, the infection begins in an individual’s nose, the throat, the sinuses, and spreads to reach the bronchial tubes. In the bronchial tubes, it causes inflammation as the body tries to ward off the infection. It may not be possible to stop the cold or flu from turning into bronchitis. It’s common to have colds or the flu if you have an infection occurring in the upper nasal respiratory epithelial tissue. Often, there is nothing you can do to stop or prevent that infection from getting to the lower airways where it results in bronchitis. The reason being, the airways are pretty close to each other. If you find that you have a cold or flu and you begin coughing or have a sore throat and excess phlegm and mucus, you may want to see a Fort Worth internist to get an appropriate diagnosis and treatment. 

So, how do you avoid having bronchitis? 

Wash Hands Frequently 

While it’s not always possible that you can prevent acute bronchitis, especially if the condition follows a viral infection such as a cold, you may take steps to help reduce the risk. Washing hands frequently and avoiding touching the face can reduce exposure to bacteria and viruses. Germs that cause the flu, colds, and other respiratory infection tend to be highly contagious. You can reduce the risk of getting bronchitis by avoiding becoming sick in the first place. Wash your hands as frequently as you can. When coughing and sneezing, make sure you do it into your inner elbow. 

Avoid Cigarette Smoke 

You may want to avoid cigarette smoking – it’s never good for your health, not just having bronchitis. Stop smoking and ensure that you don’t expose yourself to secondhand smoke. Smoking compromises your body’s immune system, making it difficult for the body to fight disease-causing microorganisms. This puts you at risk of getting bronchitis. 

Don’t Stand Near People With An Illness 

The germs that cause colds and flu can be spread from one person to another by coughing, sneezing, touching the nose and mouth, or even the eyes. If you pick the germs from a surface or an item, and you touch your nose, eyes, and mouth, you are likely to transfer them to your body. Stay some distance from people who come down with an illness. Also, stay a distance from people who appear to be visibly fighting cold and flu symptoms. Use social distancing and face masks to help prevent the spread of diseases that can cause or worsen bronchitis. 

Beat Bronchitis

These are some of the ways you can prevent getting bronchitis or colds and the flu. When you develop signs of bronchitis like coughing, lots of mucus as well as aches and chills, see a specialist in treating respiratory infections. Remember that there are many conditions that present with symptoms similar to those of bronchitis, so you need to get the right diagnosis. If you work with varnish, paint, and other materials having strong fumes, you may consider wearing a mask. Also, if you will be exposed to a large crowd or dust, wear a mask.

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