Vitamin Injections To Help Boost Your Health

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Fatigue and depleted energy levels are usual occurrences. When you need a drastic boost that is far from surgery, pills, or the treadmill, your solution is a vitamin injection. The injections significantly boost metabolism because the injected vitamins go straight to your bloodstream and are easily absorbed. If you have an issue losing weight or battling pregnancy-related nausea, Beverly Hills vitamin injections specialists at Concierge IV Nutrition are the professionals to contact. Though the injections have a lower percentage of infused vitamins, your health will greatly benefit from the injection, unlike an IV infusion. 

What Types Of Vitamin Injections Do You Need? 

B12. Proponents of this vitamin will make you energized and boost your metabolism, helping you shed off excess pounds. Most adults face vitamin B12 deficiency and need a shot to enhance mood and liver detoxification. However, the vitamin injection will not boost your energy levels if you do not have a deficiency. Other vitamin shots that could address your health concerns include: 

· B+. The injection will boost your energy levels. 
· Lipo+. The shot helps your body fat excess fats. 
· Adrenal+. The vitamin injection fights fatigue and increases energy levels. 
· Calm. Calm promotes relaxation and puts you in a calm state. 
· Mommy. Mommy supports growing baby’s healthy nervous system development. 

Who Needs A Vitamin B12 Shot? 

This water-soluble vitamin is essential in your system and it plays several roles in DNA synthesis, nerve cell health, the formation of red blood cells, and your neurological functions. B12 shots are only given by prescription, meaning that your doctor must diagnose you first. You will therefore have a shot when 

· You Show Signs Of Vitamin Deficiency. This is pretty obvious and self-explanatory, but many medical conditions and medications can cause even those with healthy diets to be deficient in certain vitamins. 

· You Are A Vegan Or Vegetarian. B12 is mostly found in animal proteins and fish. If you do not consume these animal protein-filled foods, your doctor could suggest a regular shot. 

· Older Adults. As you age, you are susceptible to conditions that lower stomach acid production. The minimized levels encourage the growth of bacteria that consume vitamin B12, reducing their availability in your body. 

· Gastrointestinal Patients. When your gastrointestinal tract does not function efficiently, the chances of the vitamin being absorbed or released become inhibited, leading to a deficiency. 

How Safe Are IV Vitamin Infusions? 

While undergoing vitamin infusion, your body receives higher concentrations of vitamins. Unlike oral supplements that are broken down in your digestive tract and stomach and are limited in absorption, an IV infusion of vitamins has a higher absorption. However, unless the infusion therapy is inspected and medically diagnosed or prescribed by a professional based on your body composition and health needs, you should not go for it. 

What Potential Risks Are There With IV Infusion? 

Chances are, you will be receiving loads of vitamins from the fluids, which could be hard on your internal organs. For instance, if you have kidney problems, certain minerals and electrolytes cannot be quickly flushed out of your system, and inducing your system with too much potassium could cause a heart attack. 

Get Your Vitamin Shots Now And Enjoy Extra Energy

When an instant metabolism boost is what you need, a vitamin injection is what you should go for. To learn more on how to boost your health with a vitamin injection, contact the specialists today.

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