9 Reasons Why You Should Move to Miami

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Statistics show that the median age of the people living in Miami is 40. 

This is important because it has a mix of both older and younger people that help to make up the demographic of the city. 

Have you ever considered moving to Miami Florida? What questions do you have about the city? How familiar are you with the benefits of living in Miami FL? 

Keep reading to learn the reasons why you should move to Miami: 

1. The Weather 

The beautiful weather in Florida is no secret and Miami is located on the Atlantic coast in South Florida. While summer may bring rainstorms and the occasional tropical storm, you can't beat the winters here. 

Even the "cool season" holds an average low of 62°F for a short few months. In comparison to most areas in country, this temperature is quite warm for winter. 

2. The Beaches 

Located on the Atlantic Ocean, the beaches are a big reason that people enjoy Miami. Whether you head out to the famous South Beach or visit any of the other beaches lining the coast near the city, there's plenty of room to enjoy fun in the sun. 

Locals can meet the abundance of tourists that flock to the area each year for its incredible beach atmosphere. You'll never have to worry about having enough people to play a pickup game of beach volleyball when the beaches are busy. 

3. The Entertainment Scene 

The club scene is huge in Miami. It may have been the first thought you had when looking at this article. 

Miami is known for its vibrant nightlife and ability to draw entertainment for everyone. International DJ's will come to Miami to play in these clubs and celebrities have been known to visit certain spots. Some of the nightclubs are open until five in the morning, which means your journey home could see the sunrise. 

While the nightlife is a big focus, Miami also hosts large concerts and festivals throughout the year. Most large artists will have a Miami stop on their North American tours. 

There is also an abundance of sports action to catch if that's where your interest lies. There is an MLB, NFL, and NBA team all located in Miami and hosting home games throughout the year. 

4. The Art 

Do you appreciate art and architecture? 

The Art Deco architecture in Miami is abundant. There is an entire historic district that is dedicated to all of the buildings that fall into this type of design. Learning more about Art Deco and exploring its presence around the city can introduce you to an area of art that you may not have previously experienced. 

5. The Proximity to the Florida Keys 

The Florida Keys are a chain of islands that are connected to the state of Florida. The first key is located a short drive south of Miami but feels like a trip right into the Caribbean. 

Miami locals don't have to catch a flight to the Virgin Islands when they can venture to Key West within a few hours. Having the Keys located so close means that you can have a weekend getaway without breaking the bank. There is no shortage of activities to do on the Keys, from snorkeling to boating and everything in between. 

6. The Diverse Community of People 

Miami is a very culturally diverse area. A large percentage of the population can speak Spanish. In the early 1960s, many Cuban refugees fled the country and came to Miami. 

This has led to a large influence on not only the population but also the variety of people that have come to call Miami home. People in other areas in the Caribbean have moved to Miami as well for similar reasons. 

7. The Food 

Due to the large amount of cultural diversity, Miami is home to many incredible food spots. The large variety of what you can get is a draw, from authentic Cuban cuisine to the fresh seafood options out of the ocean, you won't run out of new places to try. 

Where to eat can be influenced by the time of day and what you desire on the menu. Miami's array of options can make it a more appealing place to live because there will always be great options for you or your visitors to dine at. 

8. The Parks 

With all of the warm weather, the parks are a big draw when spending time outside. Miami is located close to the expansive Everglades National Park if you routinely want to spend a day on fanboats observing the alligators. 

There are also many parks within the city that you can play, read, or workout at. This is a benefit because you have options other than the beach if you want to get out of the house for the day. 

9. No State Income Tax 

Is an Incentive to Move to Miami Whether you are just starting your career or are fully into retirement, this serves as a benefit to you. Not being taxed on your income, retirement, or social security benefits allows you to keep more money in your pocket. 

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Make the Move Today 

Now that you have read about the awesome reasons to move to Miami, you can start the process today. Consistent warm weather with endless outdoor activities is hard to say no to. It's time you give yourself the gift of moving to Miami! Keep exploring our website for more informational articles like this one on moving, traveling, and trying out new cities.

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