What Are the Common Types of Personal Trainers?

different types of personal trainers

When most people think of getting healthy, they think of dieting. This isn't surprising, as 45 million Americans start a diet each year. But many of these people are doomed to fail because they don't focus on what really matters—exercise. 

In conjunction with a healthy meal plan, exercising can help you get the results you want. 

If you don't know much about working out or planning healthy meals, you might want to get some professional advice. There are several types of personal trainers—all of whom can help you transform your life. 

So what are the different types of personal trainers and fitness instructors? 

Keep reading to learn about some of the different kinds of personal trainers. 

Physique Trainers 

The majority of personal trainers that people work with are physique trainers. If you've ever gone to the gym and seen a professional coaching someone through a workout, it was most likely a physique trainer. 

These professionals work to help people achieve their physical goals. This can include anything from wanting to gain muscle to wanting to slim down a few sizes. 

Physique trainers know exactly how certain exercises will affect your body. They know which workouts can give you the results you want, as well as how often you need to be doing them. 

While they're talented inside of the gym, they're not lifestyle trainers. Physique trainers won't be able to help you fight off cravings or other problems that happen outside the gym. 

Performance Trainers 

While the majority of personal trainers are physique trainers, a small minority of them are performance trainers. As their name suggests, these are individuals that specialize in training people for the performative side of fitness. 

The specific event that these functional performance professionals train you for depends on what you hope to participate in. Many performance trainers work to help their clients excel in weight lifting competitions, triathlons, or certain sports, like track and field. 

Crossfit is a good example of a program that focuses almost exclusively on performance. It emphasizes strength, power, and speed. As these are high-intensity workouts, make sure that you work with the best personal trainer with the right credentials and experience. You want them to have the required licenses or even an online personal trainer certification. 

Lifestyle Personal Trainers 

While physique and performance trainers concern themselves with the results, lifestyle personal trainers focus on the process. By giving their clients the mindset and the tools they need to succeed, they encourage long-term results. 

Lifestyle trainers understand all of the usual roadblocks that people have. This includes things like the feeling of unworthiness, a general desire to give up, and having an unhealthy relationship with food. 

Personal trainers will work hand-in-hand with you to solve all of these problems. They understand that you can have the best body in the world but still be unhappy with the way that you look. 

They emphasize dieting and exercising in a way that doesn't encourage snapbacks to old habits once the program finishes. 

Accountability Coaches 

Working with an accountability coach is a drastic yet healthy measure that some people choose to take to get the results they want. Although they can specialize in other areas, many accountability coaches work in the field of fitness. 

These professionals work with you to spell out your goals. They then create detailed plans that aim to help you tackle them. These plans will have subgoals with varying levels of importance. 

Aside from helping you craft plans, accountability coaches then help you achieve them. They also hold you accountable for all of your actions. 

They don't shame you when you don't achieve your goals, but they do encourage you to do better and try harder the next time. Many people need this level of motivation which is why accountability coaches are so popular. 

Boot Camp Instructors 

If you are looking to work out in a group setting, then attending a boot camp might be a good idea. Leading the class will be a type of personal trainer known as a boot camp instructor. 

Many boot camps take place outside in places like parks or beaches. This makes them a great place for people to soak in the outdoors while also getting fit. 

Boot camp instructors can direct classes covering anything from yoga to Pilates. They work to ensure that everyone in the class feels comfortable and is performing the exercises safely and effectively. 

Sports Trainers 

Sports trainers are exactly what they sound like—professionals that help individuals train and prepare for certain sports. This can include anything from swimming to football or rugby. 

Sports trainers know what muscle groups they need to target in workouts to help you succeed at the sport you participate in. For example, if you are a swimmer, your trainer might have you work your shoulders, arms, and core. 

These personal training professionals also know all about how to prevent injury while training in the field. They work to get you as fit and effective as possible while also ensuring that you don't injure yourself in the process. 

Understand the Different Types of Personal Trainers 

Whether you have a New Year's resolution or just think that it is time for a change, it is never a bad idea to get started on a fitness journey. The right personal trainer can help you get started and hold you accountable to your health and fitness goals. 

Use this guide on the different types of personal trainers as a resource to ensure that you end up working with a certified fitness professional who can truly help you. 

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