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Women have a higher life expectancy compared to men. However, most of them live low-quality lives due to health complications including fertility, breast cancer, and mental health, among others. Others experience sexual abuse and violence which contributes to the increase of their health risks, but the primary cause of their health issues comes from the complications involved with their reproductive system. Many of their issues require surgical operations to treat them. Christopher K Quinsey, MD specializes in providing gynecology and obstetrics services to promote women's lives. The practice uses minimally invasive techniques to offer effective in-office procedures in Lake Mary, Florida. 

For all your gynecology and obstetrics needs, visit Dr. Quinsey today to receive genuine and compassionate care. Call or book online to schedule your appointment and learn more about their services. 

What Are In-Office Procedures? 

In-office procedures are minimally invasive treatments conducted in a hospital. Usually, they require no downtime, are faster, and have a short recovery time. Christopher K Quinsey, MD offers various in-office procedures in a comfortable and peaceful environment. The procedures are affordable and convenient to many patients, unlike outpatient services. 

The Most Common In-Office Procedures 

Dr. Quinsey is highly qualified and efficient in the latest and most advanced technology. His practice is modernly equipped and ideal in performing various gynecological procedures including: 


Hysteroscopy is a minimally invasive operation done to diagnose and treat health issues in the uterus. Dr. Quinsey mainly performs hysteroscopy to evaluate and examine the causes of abnormal uterine bleeding. Through the procedure, Dr. Quinsey inserts a hysteroscope into your uterine cavity where it transmits the image onto a monitor for a clearer vision of the uterine cavity. 

Endometrial Ablation 

Dr. Quinsey performs an endometrial ablation procedure to eliminate the endometrial lining of the uterus to reduce and stop abnormal uterine bleeding. This treatment is effective for patients experiencing heavy bleeding. 


A colposcopy procedure involves cervix evaluation for precancerous or cancerous lesions. The procedure occurs by using a colposcope, a magnifying device that visualizes the cervix’s surface. Colposcopy shows any abnormal changes or growths on your cervix. 

IUD Insertion 

An IUD, also known as an intrauterine device, is a T-shaped device usually inserted into your uterus to prevent pregnancy. 


Laparoscopy is a minimally invasive surgical procedure that occurs through a small incision. Dr. Quinsey makes a small opening in your abdomen where he puts a laparoscope to operate. 

Dilation And Curettage 

A D&C procedure eliminates the tissue from inside your uterus. This treatment may be an ideal solution for heavy bleeding and removes the uterine lining after a miscarriage. 

Other in-office procedures available at Christopher K Quinsey, MD includes Essure hysteroscopic tubal occlusion and hysterectomies. What do in-office procedures treat? 

In-office procedures provide a solution to many health conditions, including: 

·       Pelvic prolapse 
·       Uterine fibroids 
·       Urinary incontinence 
·       Ovarian cysts 
·       Abnormal uterine bleeding 
·       Pain during sexual intercourse 
·       Abnormal pap smears 

In-office procedures provide an excellent alternative for open surgery and traditional techniques of treatments. The treatments are convenient, safe, quick and allow patients to return to work over a short period. Visit them today for minimally invasive treatments with the best results.

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