Top 5 Small Business Shipping Tips

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Did you know that the way you ship your products could have an effect on your business? 

At every step of their interaction with you, your customers are judging your services and creating an image of your brand in their mind. That definitely includes your shipping services. 

But, it can be tough to know how best to ship your products as a business. What do your customers want, and what do they definitely not want with product shipments? 

Take a look at our small business shipping tips to find out more. 

1. Offer Various Delivery Options 

Most people want a choice when paying for shipping services. If you can offer super fast delivery, definitely do - most people want their purchases very quickly - but don't make it the only option. Add a regular delivery too for a little cheaper, and basic delivery services that might take a while but are budget-friendly. Even if you think you can get all of your packages out super fast, not everybody wants to pay for that, so keep your options open. 

2. Take into Account the Destination 

If you're wondering how to save on shipping, remember to change your prices based on the destination! It's a good idea to not offer prices until customers have entered their delivery address. An automated system will then calculate their delivery costs based on their postcode, making sure you're not losing money when you ship across the country. 

3. Stick to a Budget 

Small business shipping costs can be reduced by sticking to a budget and knowing some little tricks. For example, you can buy boxes for wholesale shipping if you have the room to spare in your home or studio. You should also make sure to keep your packages as flat and small as possible to cut down on costs and check places like Facebook marketplace for cheap reusable materials, like bubble wrap. 

4. Choose Eco-Friendly Materials 

It's not all about how to save on shipping, but also how to make sure your brand comes across in the best way when your customers receive their items. One tip is to pack in eco-friendly shipping materials, like cardboard or a biodegradable, plastic-alternative. Consumers are becoming more eco-conscious every year, and offering packaging that's good for the planet could be a big selling point! 

5. Hire Help 

If you've got tons of shipping boxes and you're struggling to get them out quick enough, be sure to hire help. Making sure your packages get where they need to be on time is worth the extra cost! You can even ask friends or family to help every now and then in return for a meal at your home or a drink! 

Use These Small Business Shipping Tips As Inspiration 

These small business shipping tips won't work for every brand, but use them as inspiration to organize your own system. Once you've got an efficient shipment system set up, you'll be good to go! 

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