How to Advertise Homes for Sale with Social Media

how to advertise homes for sale with social media marketing

Did you know that over 1,000,000 new houses were sold in the USA last month? 

Despite the global pandemic, people are as eager as ever to buy the house of their dreams. Home sales have skyrocketed in suburban and rural areas, especially with historically low mortgage interest rates. Did you know that you can advertise homes for sale via social media? 

How can you do this and what are the benefits of social media marketing for realty? Why not read on to find out more about SMM for real estate selling and house sales. 

Real Estate Facebook Page 

Your first step in using social media to advertise homes is to use the most popular social media platform in the world: Facebook. 

Whether you are looking to market homes for families or businesses, this is the best way to get your real estate to the masses. 

In addition, over time, you can track the progress of your sales via metrics. If you have wondered then the best time to sell a house each year is, you can simply look back over the performance of your Facebook pages to find out. 

Create a Real Estate Blog 

Your next step is to create an environment that will relay your message and branding uniquely. To do this you should set up a blog for your real estate. 

As an example, consider a real estate company that wants to expand its footprint in the local housing market. They start by creating an attractive Facebook page. Next, they will add a button on their page that takes visitors to a separate blog. 

This blog discusses the appeal of the local area with real-time information about upcoming events or other information that will attract potential house buyers. 

Of course, within the same blog pages are links to or direct advertisements for available real estate. 

If you are able to market the local area effectively, you may even end up with a waiting list of people who are looking to move when a property becomes available. 

YouTube Video House Tours 

In this world of COVID-19, people are more careful than ever about visiting new places where there are potential crowds. This could cause difficulties when inviting buyers to visit a property. Once again, social media comes to the rescue. 

By advertising open houses via YouTube, you give people the opportunity to visit homes without the danger of breaking social distancing guidelines. Video tours and virtual tours have gone from effective extras to absolute necessities in the busy digital age, compounded with health concerns from the Coronavirus pandemic.

After you have created brief but attractive informational videos regarding available properties, your next step is to get them out there. Using your Facebook page, property blog, and even smaller tools like WhatsApp status, try to get as many views as possible for your videos. 

How Social Media Can Help You Advertise Homes for Sale and Much More 

As the world starts to recover from the grip of COVID-19 many people are looking to start afresh with a new home. If you were wondering if you can advertise homes for sale via social media, you now know the answer. 

Apps and social media platforms can expedite the advertising and sale of your house. And saving time means saving money on your home selling process!

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