Why You Should Opt For Vascular Ultrasound

benefits vascular ultrasound

Heart and blood vessel diseases can impact your health, lowering the quality of your life. It is hard to know the exact blood vessel problem without a proper diagnosis; fortunately, vascular ultrasound makes it easier to diagnose your condition. If you choose vascular ultrasound imaging exams, you can start by searching for specialists in vascular ultrasound in Brooksville near you. You can learn more about vascular ultrasound and its benefits to your health at your doctor’s office. 

What Is Vascular Ultrasound? 

Vascular ultrasonography is applying high-frequency, inaudible sound waves to the human heart through the blood veins and other surrounding body tissues. The echoes produced by the blood vessels are recorded through ultrasonography and transformed into videos and photographic images. The ultrasound will create images of the blood vessel structures and can detect blood blockage. It can show blood movement, record sound waves that can calculate blood flow speed, and act as a diagnostic tool. 

Why You Need Vascular Ultrasound 

You can opt for a vascular ultrasound when you have blood vessel disease, and it can act as a diagnostic tool. The procedure can show blood flow to delicate organs such as the heart and indicate abnormalities that can cause severe health complications. Moreover, after organ transplants, a doctor might recommend a vascular ultrasound to evaluate the blood flow to the newly transplanted organs.  Vascular ultrasound could also detect the presence and severity of narrowed arteries. 

What To Expect During The Procedure 

Detailed vascular ultrasound can take about an hour, and it is performed by trained technologists in collaboration with vascular physicians. You will lie on an examination table during the vascular ultrasound exam, and your doctor will apply a blue soluble water gel on the area under examination. A transducer device connected to a screen and used to conduct the examination is then placed over the gel-coated skin. The device will produce images and blood flow information on the connected ultrasound screen. When the doctor applies pressure on your arms or legs to record blood flow there is no pain or discomfort. When the diagnosis is made, the doctor will wipe off the gel. Since the vascular ultrasound is minimally invasive, it does not have any side effects on the patient. 

Benefits Of Vascular Ultrasound 

· It monitors blood flow of blood to body organs and tissues 
· Help doctors identify and locate blood blockage 
· Detects blood clots that could cause serious health complications 
· Detects enlarged arteries 
· Can determine if you're eligible for other medical procedures such as angioplasty 
· Evaluate the success of procedures like grafts and bypass 
· Useful for determining blood flow after organ transplant 

The Bottom Line On Vascular Ultrasounds

Diagnosis of blood vessel issues can be difficult if you do not choose professional techniques such as vascular ultrasound. Your doctor will use a transducer connected to an ultrasound screen to diagnose blood vessel issues. The transducer device shows images and videos which your doctor interprets to make a proper diagnosis. Moreover, it can be used to assess the success of other medical procedures such as grafts and organ transplants. The procedure helps you know how to deal with blood vessel problems adequately as it evaluates varicose veins and narrowing of blood arteries. 

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