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One of the most daily healthcare at-home exercises is skin health maintenance. Even as age strikes, you strive to maintain the skin texture and protect it against diseases and infections. Moreover, professional health care treatment measures can efficiently and effectively enhance the health and durability of your skin and treat other health complications using ozone therapy. Anti-aging is one of the benefits you can receive from ozone which is a form of oxygen for cell nourishment. At Robertson Wellness and Aesthetics in Beverly Hills, the ozone therapy practitioners implore the use of liquid and gas forms of ozone to handle disease infections and medical conditions. To get the Beverly Hills ozone treatments, contact the office or make an appointment to meet the practitioners today. 

Health Information On Ozone Therapy 

Oxygen has two atoms in its normal state, whereas ozone is a form of oxygen with three atoms. However, the ozone continually tries to break down into oxygen's normal state. The ozone's unstable nature gives it the incredible potential to help in medical procedures due to its exceptional oxidizing properties. When inhaled, ozone gas proves harmful as it can cause throat and lung irritation, coughing, and asthma signs and symptoms. To the extreme, it can result in lung damage and can be deadly. 

Nevertheless, ozone has therapeutic benefits, as mentioned below: 

· Ozone therapy assists in fighting skin complications such as eczema, herpes virus, pimples, acne, and erasing scars. The ozone vapor, saunas, and a combination of ozone and oxygen can effectively treat skin disease. 

· It helps in cancer treatment procedures by counteracting mutations in cells. 

· Treats heart diseases such as ischemic. 

· Ozone is effective in weight loss and toxicity removal in cases of obesity and people with harmful lifestyle habits of smoking, consuming fast food, and liquor intake. All these cause depreciation of oxygen circulation in some body organs. Therefore, when you use ozone therapy in conjunction with healthy habits and a good diet, it effectively removes harmful substances from the body. 

· Used as a disinfectant in open wounds. 

· Used in varicose vein treatment and other circulation conditions using intravenous administration of a saline solution. 

· Used in treating pain in local regions, for instance, muscles and joints using subcutaneous injection treatment. 

· It helps in the treatment processes of macular degeneration. 

· Used in stimulating the white blood cells and strengthening the immune system. 

· It helps in infection prevention and deficiency in the immune system by destroying bacteria, fungi, and viruses. 

· It helps in oxygen transportation by the red blood cells, improving circulation and overall cell performance. 

· By it being a powerful anti-toxicant, it can eliminate toxic substances from the body. 

Contradictions In Ozone Therapy 

At Robertson Wellness and Aesthetic, there are proper discussions between the healthcare provider and the patient to make it clear of any viable contradiction considerations as follows: 

You need to avoid ozone therapy in cases where you have advancement in chronic diseases, are pregnant, have cancer, external or internal bleeding, even menstruation, recently had a heart attack, or blood problems. 

Therefore, with the above-listed importance, few ozone therapy sessions can significantly impact your life positively. To recover your health with ozone therapy, call the office at Robertson Wellness and Aesthetics or schedule an appointment today.

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