How Often Should I Take Tramadol 50mg?

how often to take tramadol 50 mg prescription medication

Tramadol is a powerful prescription pain relieve medication. You must take the Tramadol drug with the proper dosage under the care of a medical professional for safety and optimal results. The following dosing regimens can be used when administering this therapeutic with guidance from a physician or pharmacist: 

For Acute Pain: 

· Adults and children (over the age of 12 years): 50mg to 100mg, every four to six hours as needed. Daily dosage should not exceed 400mg. The duration of treatment should be in line with clinical need, and the maximum daily dose can be increased under special circumstances. 

· Children below the age of 12 years: This medication is not recommended for this age group due to health risks and lack of patient data. 

· Seniors (under the age of 75 years): A dose adjustment may not necessarily be required for those up to the age of 75 years, but this is subject to normal hepatic and renal functions. 

· Seniors (over the age of 75 years): The dosing intervals can be lengthened to accommodate the requirements of the patient. Low doses are recommended for the elderly as the elimination of the therapeutic, from the bodies of senior people, may be prolonged 

For Chronic Pain: 

The initial dosage should be 50mg of the medication, but this can be titrated based on the severity of the pain. For the elderly and those with renal or hepatic dysfunctions, a dose adjustment may be required, so as to minimize the risk of dependence withdrawal symptoms. 

This medicine should be used at the lowest possible dosage for effective pain relief, and over the shortest possible treatment schedule. 

Is Tramadol 50mg Enough? 

This is an effective pain relieving medication, with the potency of one tenth of a morphine dosage (on a dose-by-dose basis). It is also equally as potent as other therapeutics, such as codeine and pethidine. A 50mg dosage may be sufficient for most cases of acute pain, but chronic conditions may warrant a higher dose. 

The potency of this analgesic is also dependent on the genetic profiling of a patient. For the pain-relieving effects to come to prominence, the therapeutic has to be broken down in the body to the active metabolite, desmetramadol. For those with genetic variations, such as people with specific variants of CYP2D6 enzymes, adequate amounts of this active metabolite may not be produced, and hence there may not be sufficient pain relief experienced. 

If the effects of a 50mg dosage do not provide adequate pain relief, there are also extended formulations of this medication available, which can be taken into consideration. These are tablets specially designed to release the active ingredient of a medicine over a prolonged period of time, so as to ensure longer relief of pain. If you are taking the slow-acting form of this medicine, it is essential that you do not bite, chew or crush the tablet in your mouth as this can release the active ingredient all at once, hence negating the intended purpose of the therapeutic. 

Is Tramadol An Opioid Analgesic? 

· These painkillers are opioid-based analgesics. They are derived from the poppy plant and are used for the treatment of moderate to moderately severe pain. 

· Opiates function by binding to specific receptors in the brain. They essentially block the transmission of pain signals by acting on the nerve cells found in the brain and throughout the central nervous system (CNS). 

· Moreover, tramadol 50mg acts in a similar manner to an anti-depressant. It has the ability to stimulate the dopamine receptors and thereby increase the levels of dopamine in the brain, according to experts. This hormone is considered as the ‘happy hormone’ as it controls the mental and emotion responses in the brain. 

· Similarly, this medication inhibits the reuptake of the serotonin and norepinephrine (mood regulator) hormones, thereby bringing about its therapeutic benefits. 

· These analgesic tablets are also believed to be associated with the release of GABA (an inhibitory neurotransmitter) in the CNS. This allows for the feelings of calmness to be brought forth, which may be particularly favourable when experiencing pain. 

Can Tramadol Be Dangerous? 

As with any medication, the potential of misuse exists as the sedative and hypnotic feelings can be addictive. When used for long periods of time, these tablets can cause dependency and result in tolerance as well. 

· Dependence: This occurs when therapeutics are used in high dosages, in the long term. Dependence to a medication means that the body requires these ingredients to function properly as it has adjusted to the presence of the medicine. 

· Tolerance: This indicates that the medication has been used for too long and is no longer effective. 

Opioids have a relatively high potential for being abused. They are highly addictive substances and are easily misused by millions of people around the world. In fact, a recent estimation from 2023 data reported that 11 million people misused opiates in the years prior to conducting the survey. These numbers recorded people over the age of 12 years. 

As per the CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention), the number of fatalities relating to the misuse of opiates has quadrupled since 1999. This could be due to the ease of acquiring the medication as well as an overall lack of awareness pertaining to the abuse of prescription medication. 

With that said, opiate pills are highly efficacious painkillers. As long as they are used in accordance with their recommended guidelines, they can be greatly beneficial for the management of pain symptoms. 

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