Restore Beauty To Your Natural Facial Features With Advanced Treatments

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It is common for your face to lose its volume and youthful appearance, causing wrinkles, fine lines, and acne with time. Luckily, thanks to modern medicine, you can yet restore your youthful vibrancy with effective treatments. If you seek Oakbrook Terrace, IL advanced injector services, look no further than Wrinkle Fairy. Contact the providers to realize your aesthetic dreams with high-end practices today. 

About The Cosmetic Practice 

Wrinkle Fairy is a high-ranking cosmetic care and injection facility serving the greater Chicago community. Within their multiple locations, the team takes pride in enhancing the beauty of facial features and the numerous benefits of modern aesthetic treatments. 

At Wrinkle Fairy, patients can have access to an array of high-end injectable treatments and top-notch procedures. Dr. Leslie is a competent nurse practitioner with an eye for outstanding, natural-looking results. Your specialist designs your customized treatment plan after a thorough assessment and consultation. 

Quality injectables such as Botox® and Drysport® minimize fine facial lines, lifts the brows, or eradicates excessive sweating from hyperhidrosis. On the other hand, facial boosters can boost volume and offer a youthful lifting effect to your face. Wrinkle Fairy experts offer the best fillers available. Including Restylane®, Sculptra®, Juverderm® and Radiesse® products. 

Platelet-rich Plasma (PRP) is an innovative technology that comes from a patient’s blood. Wrinkle Fairy uses this technology for facial rejuvenation with procedures such as Vampire Facelift® and Vampire Facial. These treatments can be combined with other practices, including injectables or laser resurfacing, to offer more drastic results. 

Besides facial injections, Wrinkle Fairy can enhance your appearance and self-image with cutting-edge procedures such as skin resurfacing using Fractora®, LaseMD™, or Lutronic Genius™ lasers. Ultherapy® applies ultrasound technology to fight wrinkles and tighten skin, whereas Femilift® is a laser procedure for vaginal revitalization. 

At Wrinkle Fairy, you can also receive contouring procedures such as CoolSculpting® to remove fat cells and CoolTone® for better muscle tone. You can also benefit from cellulite-minimizing treatments with Cellfina®. Such procedures allow patients to improve more than just the face. 

Available Services 

Contact Wrinkle Fairy to have the most of your treatment with services such as: 

· Botox Specialist

Wrinkles and drooping eyelids are impossible to get over without surgery. However, Botox allows you to minimize these features for months with no incisions. Contact Wrinkle Fairy for quality Botox procedures to enhance your youthfulness. 

· Facial Fillers Specialist

Are you no longer impressed with your face due to fat loss, skin laxity, and other aging effects? For lasting results, contact Wrinkle Fairy to add volume or lift your features for months with high-end facial fillers. 

· CoolSculpting Specialist

Stubborn belly fat and distressing love handles can impact your confidence and make you apprehensive. Contact Wrinkle Fairy for innovative CoolSculpting treatments to improve your appearance. 

· Laser Resurfacing Specialist

Over time, wrinkles, acne scars, and hyperpigmentation can gather on your face, complicating your fresh look even with make-up. If that is your case, contact Wrinkle Fairy for laser resurfacing to achieve a more vibrant look. 

Fix Facial Features

Are you looking for effective beauty services? It would be best to partner with a complete provider for the best possible outcomes with smoother youthful skin. Contact Wrinkle Fairy for personalized cosmetic enhancements. Call today, or schedule an online appointment.

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