20 Questions To Ask Yourself For Personal Growth And Professional Development

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It's a new day and a new experience. Today is a new you: both personally and professionally. We don't know what will happen next for sure.

Life and career development is all about change and instability. Have you ever wondered, what keeps our planet alive? It is the instability in the air pressures above the land and oceans. Otherwise, our world would cease to exist as we know it. 

Change is the only thing that remains constant in our lives. We can either lose ourselves completely or adopt a road to positivity through this change. In fact, it is this change that executes personal or self-growth. 

Self-awareness, self-growth, and self-confidence are the common topics that have been seen in the limelight in the past decade. Take, Warren Rust and, for instance, the famous self-made billionaire. While sharing his personal-growth experience, he said something very interesting, “An individual does not realize who he is until he turns 45 and only achieves something in life after experiencing a cardiac arrest.” 

This might sound scary and dark. However, it is the stark reality of life that one needs to realize in order to set their achievable goals well before the time of retirement. 

In past years, self-growth coaches have gathered a list of questions one needs to ask to raise their self-worth and resulting self-growth. Some of these questions, we will discuss in this article. So, stay tuned for personal growth and professional development tips below to be happier and more fulfilled. 

When you go through the questions below, try answering them for yourself, and go with what your gut tells you. There is no right or wrong answer. It is your personal answer! 

How Do You Define Personal Growth? 

The terms self-growth and self-worth talk about the self-awareness techniques to change toxic habits, behaviours, and actions. As a result of personal growth, one can experience any of the following: 

● Proper anger management and control 
● Actively fight against procrastination 
● Ability to overcome laziness 
● Traits of politeness, care, and consideration in one’s personality 
● An overall responsible approach towards life 
● Increased creative capabilities 
● A positive mindset and approach towards life 

How Does Self-Growth Work? 

For effective personal growth, it is essential that the individual remains motivated. One must have the desire to improve and progress from within, only then they will be able to work towards that change. 

A person must have the willingness to step out of comfort zone and do tasks that are out of the ordinary but for the larger good. All one needs is an open mind and a sparkling desire to grow from within. 

However, one must not lose sight of the fact that self-growth is a constant process that may take years. It will not happen overnight even if you hire the top world coaches and gurus to help you. It does not mean that you cannot monitor your progress over the years, the more you remain aware of yourself and the process, the sooner you will see the results. 

Top Questions To Ask Yourself For Successful Personal Growth And Professional Development

1. How Much Time Do I Give Myself Every Day? 

To be able to effect change in the world, one first needs to keep their own vision clear as a crystal. Only then, one can enable themselves to take action with positivity and assert values. None of this can happen if you remain busy all day and only fall on your bed to sleep. Start by taking out 20 minutes from the day, switch off the phone, and spend time with yourself alone. Try meditating, relax your mind, and declutter your thoughts from any negativity. Success is not a thing of the future; it automatically comes when one learns to live in the present. 

2. What Day-To-Day Tasks Keep Me Active? 

Invest in a personal diary and with love in your heart, pen down the word “LOVE” on its first page. Then make a list of all the people, tasks, and things that keep you active during the day. For successful personal development, you need to recognize the toxic patterns and differentiate them from the healthy patterns. If you do this on a routine, you will be surprised to see positive changes in your life and personality. 

3. What Activities Drain My Positive Energy? 

Take out another page from the same diary, and pen down the word “HATE”. Beneath this word, make a list of all the people, tasks, and habits that drain your energy during the day. Affirm that you can subtract this list one by one from your life. 

4. What Helps Me Unwind And Relax? 

People who achieve rapid success have mastered the art of slowing down. They identify their priorities and engage accordingly. One of the priorities of successful individuals is to relax! 

5. Who Are The People That Bring Out The Best And Worst In Me? 

The type of people you surround yourself with greatly influences your personality and lifestyle choices. Be very careful about who you let into your life. Surround yourself with individuals who encourage positivity and push you to grow in life. A lot of experts believe that you are the sum or average of the 5 people you spend the most time with. Make sure those are positive people both personally and professionally.

Make a list of all the people in your life who spread toxicity. People who put you down and always crib. Simply cut them off from your life, or restrict them as much as possible. Again, remember that you are at least partially the result of the people you spend the most time with on a consistent basis.

6. How Do I Deal With Negative Emotions? 

Nobody has a perfect life. There are happy and sad moments. Observe yourself and figure out your coping mechanisms when things get tough. What do you do when you are angry, sad, or frustrated? Recognize the toxic patterns. 

7. During Which Part Of The Day Am I Most And Least Active? 

Take a long hard look at your daily routine. Point out the time during the day when you are most active and productive at work. Set out all your priorities during this time of the day. 

Then point out the times of the day where you are least active and feel drained. Make sure you never do priority tasks during that time. In fact, keep that time for your rest. Do not strain yourself by remaining active all day with zero downtime to mentally and physically recover. 

8. What Are Some Of My Weaknesses? 

It is never a weakness to identify the areas you struggle in. It is a sign of strength. Observe the areas you lack abilities in and then simply work on these areas to become better. 

9. Where Do My Strengths Lie? 

You can greatly uplift your self-worth by identifying your strengths. Ask yourself what are the areas you perform best at? Figure out who your competition is. Use your strengths and skill set to rise above. 

10. What Are The Core Values That I Will Not Compromise On? 

After making a list of your strengths and weaknesses, make a list of all your core values. Find out the people you idealize and come up with a personal statement reflecting your core values. 

11. What Are My Biggest Fears? 

The only thing that is standing between you and your success is your fears. Figure out the things that scare you and engage with them to overcome them. Learn to get out of your comfort zone to achieve everything you want. 

12. Am I Doing The Things That I Love? 

When you ask yourself this question, do not overthink? Write down all the things that first come to your mind. And then check whether you are actually doing these things in your life or not. Ultimate joy is in doing things you love not what others approve of. 

13. If I Ever Have To Give A Motivational Talk, Which Topic Will I Speak On? 

Write down all the topics that you have always wanted to speak on. Stand in front of a mirror and speak on these topics. 

14. How Do I Deal With Criticism? 

Find out how you respond to criticism in your life. Do you take it positively? Does criticism demotivate you or put you down? Surround yourself who are honest with you at all times. 

15. Do The People Around Me Have Different Life Experiences And Perspective Than Me? 

You can never learn anything in life if you keep surrounding yourself with similar experiences. Become friends with people with different experiences and learn from them. 

16. In What Areas Do I Receive The Most Praise? 

At times we are oblivious to certain things in our personality that other love. Find out what other love about you. Collect as many compliments as you can. Identify the common patterns. Learn to love yourself. 

17. Am I Fulfilling My Priorities? 

Come up with a list of all your priorities. What matters the most to you. Is it your family, friends, or career? Then see whether you are fulfilling your priorities or not. 

18. Do I Find It Hard To Say No? 

A lot of times, in the fear of being judged and disliked, people find it hard to say no to things their values do not align with. Make sure you are not one of these people. 

19. When I Am Old, What Are The Things I Will Cherish The Most?

Think of what matters most to you and your legacy. What will they say about you at your funeral? What would you want them to say?

20. What Is Happiness To Me? 

Happiness is not external. It is internal. Once you learn to love yourself and have self-confidence, happiness and success will automatically flow. 

Powerful Personal And Professional Development Pure Potential 

We all have it within ourselves to unlock our pure potential, both personally and professionally. We just need to turn the key and do the work!

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