Restore Your Natural Hair Growth With Growth Factor Injection Specialist In Texas

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Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is a research-backed treatment that stimulates hair follicle growth, allowing you to recover your natural hair. If you suffer from thinning hair, make an appointment with Paul Pearce, MD, of Texas Hair Restoration Center in Austin, TX. Dr. Pearce offers tailored PRP therapy for hair loss solutions, which have been scientifically tested and proven. Discover how you can benefit from growth factor injections in Austin and book an appointment with the experts today through mobile or request online. 

What Is Hair Loss Growth Factor Injection Therapy? 

When you experience an injury, your blood contains a plethora of healing components, which spring into action to improve blood flow and accelerate cellular recovery. The hair loss' growth factor injections aim to replicate these positive activities by extracting therapeutic components from your blood. 

Stimulation of platelet alpha-granules with PRP treatment unleashes a slew of growth factors. These potent elements stimulate the growth of new blood vessels and trigger stem cells in hair follicles. Follicles ‘arouse’ and start to develop naturally as blood flows to them and enhances with time. 

What Is The Efficacy Of Platelet-Rich Plasma Treatment For Hair Loss? 

Over the years, platelet-rich treatment for hair loss has been extensively explored for its effectiveness. Scientists discovered the positive effect of PRP on alopecia, a disorder, which causes hair loss, in a 2016 research published in the journal of the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery. 

Patients in the randomized, double-blind research got PRP injections on one side of every one of their skulls. Placebo injections accompanied this on the other half of their skulls. Every participant received three of these doses at one-month intervals. 

Six months following the initial PRP therapy treatment, investigators noticed a huge variation in mean anagen (actively developing) hairs. They also realized enhanced hair density on the PRP-treated portions of every patient's skull. Thus, the researchers concluded that PRP has a beneficial impact on alopecia and can be used to solve hair loss. 

How Many PRP Therapy Hair Restoration Sessions Will You Require? 

PRP therapy hair restoration procedures are available at Texas Hair Restoration Center, for anybody experiencing thinning hair or hair loss. Depending on the above-mentioned study's finding, Dr. Pearce normally suggests a course of three PRP sessions based on your severity of hair loss and how rapidly your hair develops. 

Every PRP therapy care plan should be scheduled at 4-6 weeks intervals. Dr. Pearce recommends that you visit Texas Hair Restoration Center, two to three times annually for upkeep PRP hair restoration procedures. These sessions are meant to support continued hair growth and minimize your likelihood of hair loss. You don't have to be bald or balding any longer!

Paul Pearce, MD, recognizes the negative effects that minor to serious hair loss may pose on a patient's self-confidence. He is committed to assisting persons across the Texas, community resolve hair loss concerns through the cutting-edge hair restoration techniques accessible. All procedures are tailored to meet the unique needs and wants of patients. Call the Texas Hair Restoration Center, office or book an appointment online to enjoy the personalized Platelet-rich plasma therapy services Dr. Pearce and his team offer.

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