Therapeutic Injections And Self-Care Remedies To Relieve Neck Pain

therapeutic injections neck pain relief self-care options

West Orange neck pain experts at Pain Center of NJ find that neck pain may not always be a sign of a severe health issue. However, the pain may prevent you from living your everyday life. Your neck’s delicate disposition makes it susceptible to injuries. Something as trivial as a bad sleeping posture may result in pain. In cases where the pain is less debilitating, you may need massage therapy or a chiropractor’s services to relieve you from your symptoms. However, when the pain is stubborn and fails to respond to treatments, your healthcare provider may recommend advanced treatment options. 

What Are The Possible Neck Pain Causes? 

Neck pain may result from various causes. While some pain may be mild, not forcing you to consult your doctor for special treatment, other types may affect your mobility, making your life miserable. Some of the common causes of neck pain include: 

·         Poor sleeping habits 
·         Poor posture 
·         Repetitive movements 
·         Pinched nerves 
·         Lifting heavy loads on your shoulders 
·         Tumors 
·         Infections 
·         Herniated disc 
·         Spinal stenosis 

What Are The Self-Care Options For Neck Pain? 

Neck pain may not necessarily result from trauma. Sometimes the pain may not need complex treatment options to relieve you from the symptoms. In such an instance, your doctor may recommend self-care remedies like: 

· Short Rest Periods 

Resting does not mean you desist from doing any physical activity. Your physician may suggest you move your neck regularly to prevent it from weakening or becoming stiff. 

· Ice Or Heat Application 

While ice may help minimize your pain and swelling, applying heat may help relax your tense muscles, allowing blood circulation and flow of nutrients to your painful areas. 

· Gentle Stretches 

You are likely to realize that some movements and gentle stretches alleviate your neck pain and others exacerbate the situation. While your doctor may encourage you to stretch your neck in favorable motions, he may also discourage you from movements likely to worsen the pain. The physician might request a change of lifestyle to hasten your healing process too. For instance, he may advise you to use the correct posture, adopt a physically active lifestyle and quit smoking. 

Besides the self-care remedies, your doctor may also recommend massage therapy, mindful meditation, or manual manipulation from experts like chiropractors. 

What Are The Injection Procedures That May Relieve You Of Neck Pain? 

· Radiofrequency Ablation 

RFA may be your best option when your doctor confirms that your pain originates from a facet joint. Your doctor places a special needle near your affected joint’s sensory nerve during the treatment, creating a heat lesion that prohibits pain signals from traveling to your brain. 

· Trigger Point Injection 

Unlike other therapeutic injections, trigger point injections do not require solutions. However, some instances may prompt your doctor to inject minimal doses of local anesthesia through the acupuncture-like needles to calm your trigger point or the irritated muscle. 

· Cervical Epidural Injection 

Your doctor will use the injection to minimize your nerve roots’ inflammation resulting from a herniated disc or a distinct spinal degeneration cause. 

Neck Necessities

Normal neck pain minimizes over time without treatment. If it does not, the neck pain could be a sign of a severe health problem. Call your doctor when the neck pain is persistent and fails to respond to treatments to discuss your treatment options before the pain numbs or weakens your arms.

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