The Role Of Sclerotherapy In The Treatment Of Spider Veins

sclerotherapy treatment spider veins before they turn into varicose veins

Have you thought of having your tiny spider-like patterns on your legs checked? In most cases, they are not a major cause for alarm, but their appearance can put you off. Have them checked by Allison Burkett, MD, who is a spider veins in Warner Robins expert. The team at Middle Georgia Vascular Surgery Center & Vein Solutions uses techniques like Varithena foam injections, which are painless and give the desired results. 

How Do Spider Veins Form? 

Spider veins are mostly veins that appear beneath the surface of your skin, with a tiny red appearance about a millimeter long. Their name comes from their looks, which resembles an actual spider web. Although they may be harmless, they might be an early sign of a vascular issue.  However, most of the time, spider veins are harmless and need a simple procedure to get rid of them. 

What happens when a spider vein is not an ordinary cosmetic problem? If your spider veins cause other symptoms apart from being unsightly, then there is a chance you have an underlying issue. 

Some signs of severe spider veins include: 

·         Tenderness 
·         Pain 
·         Itching 
·         Burning 

Problematic spider veins can grow into larger ones called varicose veins. That is why you might want to have them examined further, even if you want a simple cosmetic procedure to get rid of them. If tests indicate you have varicose veins, you can benefit from procedures such as duplex ultrasounds, which look for other vascular issues that require attention. 

What Are The Treatment Options For Spider Veins? 

Spider veins do not need any treatment whenever they do not cause other disturbing symptoms. Dr. Bucket will only carry out sclerotherapy whenever you complain of some troublesome symptoms. 

Sclerotherapy starts with an injection with a special fluid called a sclerosant. The injection goes to the sight of the unsightly looks, which help break down the damaged valves causing the spider-like formation. Varithena foam sclerosant is a treatment with a large success rate, as it contains polidocanol, which helps clear out the red, web-like patches. 

How Does Sclerotherapy Help Treat Spider Veins? 

The fluid has special properties that target the vein walls, which obstruct the movement of blood. Once the vein walls collapse, the treatment creates a seal, which prevents blood movement to the damaged valves. Your blood reroutes to healthy valves while the damaged ones clear off gradually. After some time, the web-like appearance disappears. Months later, you will have nice-looking legs with no unsightly veins, which do not require any further treatment. However, you should watch for signs of other spider veins as you can develop new ones in the area treated or any other points on your legs. 

Is There Any Downtime With Spider-Veins Treatment? 

Spider veins do not require a major medical procedure and patients only highlight some discomforts at the time of treatment. You might have some inflammation, allergic reactions, blood clots, and air bubbles, which you can either share with your doctor if severe or allow them to clear while at home. 

Treat Your Spider Veins And Varicose Veins Today

Unsightly, colorful, and tiny veins in your legs can make you self-conscious. Avoid this by finding Middle Georgia Vascular Surgery Center & Vein Solutions, which have a long-lasting solution. Call the center or book your appointment online to begin your treatment.

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