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Your dental wellness influences your overall health and quality of life. That said, dental treatments should be an essential component of your wellness routine. If you are seeking exceptional oral services, Dr. Hugo Artaza in Katy TX has the experience and solutions you need. At his practice, he applies the latest practices and tools to deliver an outstanding treatment experience. Call the practice or book online today for your optimal oral health. 

Meet Dr Hugo E. Artaza 

Hugo E. Artaza is a zealous, highly skilled dental provider and founder of Artaza Dental in Katy, Texas. Together with his team, the doctor specializes in cosmetic, family, and restorative dentistry services and boasts over four decades of experience. 

Born in 1955 in Austin, Dr. Artaza lived eight years of his youth in South America when Brown & Root assigned his father to Paraguay. During his time in South America, Dr. Hugo became fluent in the Spanish language. 

He attended Texas Tech University after graduating from Strake Jesuit College Preparatory in Houston. In 1981, Dr. Artaza graduated from the University of Texas HSC Dental Branch. He completed a four-year program in three years, where he graduated as a Doctor of Dental Surgery. 

Currently, Dr. Artaza is a private practitioner with a collective experience of thirty-six years. His accomplishments include being a member in good standing in the Greater Houston Dental Society, American Dental Association, American Academy of General Dentistry, and the Pankey Institute. Unlike your regular dentist, Dr. Artaza has spent his whole career perfecting his craft in treatments such as dental crowns, veneers, dental implants, and emergency dentistry. 

What They Offer 

New and existing patients can receive a variety of quality treatments at Artaza Dental. Contact the offices to receive treatments such as: 

Teeth Whitening - Contrary to what you think, teeth whitening does not necessarily mean exposing your smile to lights and lasers. At Artaza Dental, Hugo Artaza, DDS, and his team deliver KöR® Whitening, a system designed by Evolve Dental Technologies in Irvine, California, without using lasers or lights, offering a whiter set of teeth. 

Dental Implants - If you have lost a tooth or multiple due to an accident or car injury, dental implants can offer a replacement alternative that equates to the durability and strength of your permanent natural teeth. Contact Artaza Dental for professional molding and installing dental implants. 

Crowns and Veneers - Misshapen and cracked teeth tend to threaten your overall dental health. To maintain your bite and cover your tooth, your providers at Artaza Dental offer high-quality crowns and veneers. 

Cosmetic Dentistry - If the appearance of your smile is unsatisfactory to you, modern medicine allows you to do something about it. Contact Artaza Dental to receive a full array of cosmetic treatments to revitalize your smile. 

Dentures - Dentures are an affordable alternative that lets you replace missing teeth simultaneously. Hugo Artaza, DDS, and his team regularly offer partial and complete dentures to restore your chewing and speaking ability while improving your smile. 

Wrap Up On Dependable Dentistry

To receive quality dental procedures in a Katy Texas prestigious facility, contact Artaza Dental Specialists today. Call the offices to speak to a provider or book an online appointment to improve your oral health annually.

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