Expert Diagnosis And Treatments For Work Injuries In New Jersey

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While workplace safety has improved significantly over the years, accidents can still occur. Chris Hennessey, PA, and Evan O'Brien, MD, of Woodbury Spine will assist you if you have experienced a work injury in Woodbury, New Jersey, to your neck or back. They offer professional diagnosis and care for work-related injuries and are authorized to handle workers' compensation claims by the New Jersey Division of Workers' Compensation. Call Woodbury Spine or schedule an appointment online to learn more today. 

What Causes A Workplace Injury? 

Workplace accidents can happen for a variety of reasons as you proceed with your everyday routine. The following are some of the most common ways to sustain a job injury: 

• Falls and trips 
• Injuries caused by repetitive pressure 
• Motor vehicle collisions 
• Lifting excessively or inappropriately 
• Crush injuries 
• Pushing and dragging 
• Holding, lifting, and tossing 
• Collisions with structures or items 

The majority of work-related injuries affect the spine, joints, or lower back. Dislocations, spinal injuries, and fractures are among the most severe examples of work-related injuries. 

What Do You Do If You Get Hurt At Work? 

If you are injured at work, you must report the incident and ensure that your supervisor accurately documents it. Even though you do not think the accident is serious, it could turn into something more severe, and you could be entitled to workers' compensation

If you seek care for a job accident, select a practitioner with permission from the New Jersey Division of Workers' Compensation, such as Dr. O'Brien of Woodbury Spine. Dr. O'Brien has a lot of experience handling work-related injuries and dealing with workers' compensation lawsuits. 

What Is Workers' Compensation And How Does It Work? 

Workers' compensation, also known as workers' comp, is a type of insurance that pays you if you become ill or injured at work. Your employer pays into a fund that covers workers' compensation. Note that every state has a board that oversees claims and awards. 

Irrespective of whether the accident was caused by your own or someone else's fault, you are entitled to workers' compensation. Only if the injuries occurred when you were under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or if you intentionally caused harm, would you be denied workers' compensation. 

What Treatments May You Need If You Sustain An Injury At Work? 

The type of treatment Dr. O'Brien suggests for your job injury is determined by the seriousness of the injury, as well as factors such as your level of operation and age. Before developing the treatment plan for your workplace injuries, Dr. O'Brien performs a thorough physical evaluation and examination. 

Treatment options for a work-related injury that may be effective include: 

• Physical therapy 
• Radiofrequency ablation 
• Steroid injections 
• Medications 
• Nerve blocks 
• Job hardening programs 
• Spinal cord stimulator implantation of neurostimulator 
• Intrathecal pain pump implantation 

If these procedures are not appropriate or successful for your job injury, Dr. O'Brien is skilled in performing various safe, effective spine surgeries. 

Workplace Injury Treatment That Works

Woodbury Spine is a practice dedicated to professional care and attention for a wide range of orthopedic concerns after a workplace accident. Call Woodbury Spine today or request a consultation online to learn more about top-level work injury care.

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