Things To Consider When Shopping For Foosball Tables

considerations shopping for best new foosball table

When you think of a game room or a man cave, a foosball table is one thing that will come to your mind. This competitive and intense game is so much fun and requires a minimum of just 2 players. 

Because of how popular this game has become, manufacturers are becoming more and more creative. Due to this, even a small foosball table can offer several exciting and new features. However, the price is typically based on the foosball table’s specifications. Therefore, when you go shopping for one of the top foosball tables, you need to consider some of the following things: 

Top 8 Considerations When Shopping For The Best Foosball Tables

1. Players’ Skill 

As we have said, manufacturers of foosball tables keep getting creative. Hence, there are a lot of options available for you. One of the things you will notice is that these tables come in different sizes. Therefore, you will need to consider the players’ preferences and skills. 

A tabletop is best suited for a beginner. This is because this model is quite cheap, so once the player’s skill is enhanced, they can easily upgrade the table. 

If you already have skills in the game but you hardly play, then you may consider getting a mid-level model. For a professional, a professional tournament table is what you need to meet your standards. The downside is that professional tournament tables are quite expensive; however, they have great features and are built to be very durable. 

2. Table’s Size 

After you have decided on the model you need based on your skills, you need to consider the table’s size. The size you decide on has to be based on the space where you intend to keep the table. You will need 7 ft. by 8 ft. playing space for a full-sized table. 

So, ensure the space you have is enough to accommodate the table and the required playing space. If you do not have enough space, then you need to consider getting a smaller table. 

3. Table’s Material 

Different materials are used for the construction of foosball tables, from solid wood to particle boards to composites and many more. 

Particle board tables are not quite expensive; however, they are not so durable. On the other hand, composites and solid wood tables are more durable but more expensive. You can visit here to learn the difference between solid wood and particle board. Your choice should be based on your budget and specification. 

4. The Table’s Legs 

The most vital part of foosball tables is the legs. The reason for this is that the legs are what provide the table’s stability and support. Therefore, you need to be on the lookout for the table’s legs. You need to ensure that the table’s leg is sturdy and thick. 

Not only will sturdy and thick legs ensure stability, but they will also ensure you achieve perfect performance and shots. 

how to buy top new foosball table

5. Adjustable Height 

Most foosball tables typically are 36 inches high. This height is only great for adults and teens; kids will be unable to play with this height. Therefore, if you have kids and you would love them to play the game, the table you buy must have adjustable legs. 

6. Rod Type 

The rods may be made with either solid steel or hollow steel. Solid steel will reduce the player’s speed. Hollow steel on the other hand will increase the player’s speed while ensuring the player’s stress level is reduced. 

7. Goalie’s Configuration 

This often differs in tables. Some tables may have a single goalie and others may have 3 goalies. Some special tables also offer the option of converting the configuration. That is, the goalie’s configuration could be reverted from 1 to 3 and back. Again, in this case, what you decide on should be based on your skills and preference. 

8. Quality 

This is an obvious factor that must not be overlooked. The quality of the table is what will determine if the foosball sessions will be exciting and challenging or not. You can read this to find out ways to help you always win a foosball session. When considering a table’s quality, you need to look out for the balls. Ensure that they roll on the foosball table perfectly and have a perfect grip. Also, avoid balls that are shiny and made with plastic. 

Foosball Frugal Fun Top Table Conclusion 

Foosball will always be a great addition to a game room. Foosball sessions are interesting, fun, challenging, and a great way to spend one’s leisure hours. However, if you have decided to spend hard cash on a table then you need to ensure you consider certain factors. 

Some important things to look out for are the rod type, goalie’s configuration, quality, adjustable heights, table’s legs, size, material, and most importantly your skills. These factors and guidelines will ensure you get a table that suits your preferences for plenty of foosball frugal fun with friends and family.

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