The 8 Best Board Games For Adults For Entertaining Guests

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While it might seem like video games and apps have taken over the world of recreational gaming, board games are still a billion-dollar industry. As long as there are rainy days and parties, there will always be a place for board games. Board games for adults are a growing industry and they might be more exciting than you remember them to be. 

Here are eight that you should know about if you're throwing a party or looking for a new way to hang with friends during your frugal and busy lifestyle without resorting to the same old poker or casino nights

1. Cards Against Humanity 

If you've been to a party in the last ten years, there's no way you haven't seen this sitting on a coffee or a kitchen table. Cards Against Humanity is a game that allows groups large and small to prove just how twisted their minds are. 

This game has grown into a movement, with expansion packs constantly being released to outdo the last version. 

It's one of the most liked board or card game for adults and since it changes based on the dynamic of the group, you can always have a new experience. See how wild or weird your friends are willing to be to try to make one another laugh or to gross them out. 

2. Disturbed Friends 

The perfect group of people for this kind of game is a group of super close friends. In some ways, it could be one of the most disturbing games ever because it makes you decide what your friends would do. You're presented with a horrible situation and you have to fill in the blanks. If you can guess how far your friends would go in order to destroy an arch-nemesis, you'll tell your friends how well you know them. While this is a fun way to bond, it can be a little scary in the funniest way. Friends who know how to talk about their true feelings and who have bonded the hardest are going to win this game every time. 

3. Codenames 

In this board game, you're in a race against one another to try to out which one of you is a spy. If you and your friends like some healthy competition, this game is a strong choice to crank up the tension in a fun way. The first person who identifies an agent wins. This is a take on a lot of classic games but the rules and the set up allow you to play this fast-paced game with some real intensity. Indulge in your childhood James Bond spy fantasies playing this game and you might end up getting friends it at every party. 

4. Settlers of Catan 

If there's a game that's surprised a lot of board game lovers with its popularity, it's Settlers of Catan. This game is an epic adventure game that's designed well enough to allow for a new experience every time you play. On the isle of Catan, you and your friends will go on a quest to settle the wilderness. For a generation of kids who grew up on playing Oregon Trail, this is one game that brings some of that fun to a multiplayer epic. Groups of friends get so addicted to this game that they might make it a weekly event to play with one another. You'll invite new friends and even start looking up tactics for winning online. 

5. What Do You Meme? 

What Do You Meme? is a game that's fun in a similar way to Cards Against Humanity. This card game has some potential to get raunchy, but it can be fun trying to get your parents or grandparents to say hilarious things. You'll be making memes in real-time, trying to outdo and impress one another. This game is serious fun for hours of playing. 

6. Exploding Kittens 

If you've been a Kickstarter fan in the last few years, you've seen Exploding Kittens. It totally outraised its initial request because it was an immensely popular and entertaining concept. Who knew that so many people were interested in playing cartoonish Russian roulette with kittens. This party game was made for the modern era of goofy cartoons and cat videos galore. With thousands of positive reviews on every site selling it, this game could provide hours of fun for you and friends. 

7. Cranium Dark 

If you loved playing Cranium with your family as a kid, you'll love the new "dark" version geared toward adults. Here you can get a mix of some of the best types of games out there. A little bit "name that tune", a little bit of charades, and a twist of Pictionary will keep everyone entertained. If you can act, draw, sing, or make a sculpture to describe a clue, you can help your team win. With a simple pair of dice, rather than complicated RPG dice, you can get everyone to be a little bit risque. 

8. Joking Hazard 

This one is for the artists out there. Even if you're only good at drawing stick figures, you can draw some NSFW comic strips to try to win this game. Groups of any size can enjoy this game and try to outdo one another to win. In some cases, the more graphic and more detailed your drawings are, the more likely you are to be able to win. 

Board Games for Adults Help Friends And Guests Bond 

When you're meeting new people, introducing one another's partners, or just unwinding after a long time apart, board games for adults are a great choice. Board game night offers a low-pressure way to have a cocktail or some late-night mocktails and to chat while you gather for a collective purpose. It's a great way to have fun with people your own age after weeks or months straight of children's magic shows, ziplining, and taking care of babies. Have a great time and let loose with some frugal fun.

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